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Industrial shed roofing materials; uses, advantages, cost

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Industrial shed roofing materials; uses, advantages, cost

Industrial shed roofing materials are as important as the structure itself. It helps reducing the cost of materials used in shed construction and can bring down the weight.

Don’t worry because nowadays the light weight of roofing materials on industrial shed, helps the structure to be anti-shock and earthquake-proof. It also helps to increase the durability and stability of the sheds and reduce the price of transportation and relocation.

What the impacts of industrial shed roofing  are on reducing the price of the construction and what their advantages and uses are; we are going to discuss about in this article.

Industrial shed roofing materials

What is an industrial shed?

Industrial shed are large buildings that have special uses. They are mostly built with a slop rather than a flat roof. Large industrial sheds have wide range of applications and are very useful for different industries.

Industrial sheds are usually used as large commercial, farming, sports hall structures and are built with large spans.




Cost of Industrial shed roofing materials 2023

How much does a roof cost for an industrial shed in 2023?

Roofing prices depend on following factors:

  • what roofing materials you use in your industrial shed construction
  • Complexity & design of your roof (slope, run, rise, etc.)
  • Roof measurements
  • Roof manufacturer (roof brands)
  • Geographical region

For instance if you live in Canada and the materials of roofing used in your industrial shed are metal; roof price is: $8.00 – $15.00 per square foot. You need to consider fasteners and labor costs, too.

  • Slate roofing materials for industrial shed – including installation – in 2023 cost $14.00 – $24.00 per square foot.
  • Clay roof tiles materials + installation cost $14.00 – $26.00 per square foot.
  • PVC roofing with a simple flat roof design for large shed cost $5.00 – $9.00.
  • Cost of asphalt shingle roof for your shed is $5.00 – $9.00.
  • Fiberglass roofs cost $4.00 – $8.00 per square foot.


To buy industrial shed roofs with low cost roofing materials; please contact us.




What are the uses of industrial sheds?

Large industrial buildings have different uses according to their types: here are some of their uses:


  • Warehouse & cold storage


Warehouse & cold storage

  • Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings



  • Farming sheds

Farming sheds

  • Poultry & livestock farms


Poultry & livestock farms




  • Fish and shrimp farm industry

Fish and shrimp farm industry



  • Sport hall

Sport hall

Sport hall

  • Aircraft hangars


Aircraft hangars


Advantages of building an industrial shed

Here are some of the main advantages of building large sheds:

  • Low cost sheds
  • Multipurpose use of industrial sheds
  • Long term income plan
  • Saving money by buying second hand sheds
  • Long life of industrial structure


What makes a factory shed roof cheaper?

The materials and dimensions of the roofs are the most important factors in determining the price of large sheds. Considering that over 30% of the construction cost of an industrial shed is made up of roofing materials; choosing a roof that has lower repair and maintenance cost – in addition to the cheaper prices- will bring profit and make your business successful  – in the long run.


What are the best roofing materials for an industrial shed?

UPVC roofs are durable and lightweight. They can easily withstand high winds and are resistant to sudden temperature changes. They are fire & UV resistant.

You do not need to worry about leakage as they are waterproof and have excellent overlapping features. UPVC (Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) are one of the most budget-friendly and affordable roofing materials for your industrial sheds.



Why is UPVC the most cost-effective roof for industrial sheds?

Why is UPVC the most cost-effective roof for industrial sheds? 

We do not claim uPVC sheets are the cheapest roof construction materials for large sheds; but we are confident to say it is one of the most cost-effective roofs for building industrial sheds. Why? Because it is a low-maintenance roofing material with long lifespan of at least 40 years. Other advantages include:


  • Roof Style – UPVC materials can have different roofing types for an industrial shed; curved or crescent roofing, flat or gable roof designs.


  • Anti-impact Roofing Material – According to the standard certifications of uPVC roof sheets at Sepidfam Varna Company: after throwing a 1 kg metal ball 3 times from a distance of 2 meters, no breakage or crack was found in uPVC roof sheets. Therefore, they are approved as one of the best anti-shock roofing materials in any industrial shed.


  • Fair Price – The price of uPVC roof is much cheaper than asphalt shingleslateclay and even metal roofs.


Other specifications of UPVC roofing materials for large industrial sheds

Other specifications of UPVC roofing materials for large industrial sheds

  • Heatproof – what are the safest roofing materials for an industrial shed that is breeding animals? Those that can keep the shed interiors cool in the summer and prevent the heat from leaving the shed in the winter- and do not endanger the health of animals.


  • Saving Energy – According to what we have mentioned above; preventing the waste of heat or cold can reduce energy consumption and reduce the cost of large shed’s energy bill.


  • No leaks; Anti-corrosion – You may not have seen many industrial shed roofing materials that can prevent moisture and leakage. Fortunately uPVC roof panels are hydrophobic materials. Besides, when installing the roofs, we make sure uPVC sheets have proper overlapping and the protective fasteners are firmly installed; so that they prevent water from penetrating your roof sheds.


  • Lightweight & durable

Light and resistant UPVC roofing materials are used especially for large and industrial sheds. Light sheds are strong and the least amount of steel is required in their construction. Light sheds are usually used in places that require large spans. They weigh much less than heavy sheds and are a more cost-effective option for industry owners. In fact, light sheds are economically more affordable.

These industrial sheds that are made with UPVC roofing materials are made in our factories and then transported to the project site for assembly. The process of UPVC roof installation is quick, easy and simple.


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