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Today, with the industrialization of society and use more and more metals in a variety of jobs and industries. Industrialist were looking for away to eliminate the weaknesses in the metal covering.

Accordingly, the use paints on metals and polymers has been considered.

And this path continues.

At Sepid fam Varna company, we are also taking a small step in this direction by producing UPVC high quality roof tile by international standards.

A variety certificates have been approved by the authorities, has shown that the pionner of the production of UPVC roof and wall products in Iran since 2015 has been able to produce world-class products and send them the domestic market.

Sepid fam varna certificates

  • VICAT softening point.
  • Flammability.
  • Radionuclide Elements.
  • Impact Resistance (External Blows).
  • Oxygen index.
  • Resistance to chemical liquids.
  • Temperature of deflaction under load.