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Upvc trapezoidal sheet

Upvc  trapezoidal sheet and the reasons why we should use this product in our building


Why should we use upvc trapezoidal sheet in our building?

Here, we will introduce you a  high quality product called upvc trapezoidal sheet. The use of roofing sheets in areas with heavy rainfall and snowfall is inevitable manner. a major problem  is that  the most homeowners face is the decary of these roofs after short years. sepid fam Varna company has produced high quality and long-lasting products and impact resistant in domestic markets by producing upvc trapezoidal sheets since 2015. In the following, we will deal with all the features of this product.





U.P.V.C trapezoidal sheets and its main features:

upvc trapezoidal sheets produced by Sepid fam Varna Company have two layers. The first layer is made of upvc. And the second layer is made of polymer alloy. Beside of making a hard and shiny surface, this material creates self-washing properties in this product. Sepid fam Varna UPVC trapezoidal sheets helps you giving comfort to your family using this product on your roof. Also, save your costs, by using these sheets, more over the lifespan, you will get rid of the costs of installtion, repair and maintenance.


Features of upvc trapezoidal sheet

Well, in this section, we will express the features of upvc trapezoid sheet produced by Sepid Pham Varna Company, which are:

resistance and deformation Impact

One of the features of upvc trapezoidal sheet produced by Sepid fam Varna Company is its high impact resistance and shape change capability. This feature, in addition to long life, avoids the side costs of repairs such as replacing cracked sheets.



Upvc trapezoidal sheet has anti-corrosion properties. This feature makes the roof longer life and lower repair costs.


Heat  insulation

Other features of UPVC trapezoidal sheet are its heat insulation. This feature reduces your costs during installation. No need for installation like glass wool


UV resistant

These sheets have anti-UV properties, This reflects sunlight and reduces the cost of the air conditioning system during the seasons.

Self-extinguishing property

Sepid fam Varna UPVC trapezoidal sheets have self-extinguishing properties. This helps the safety of the building in the event of a fire.


Durable covering

UPVC trapezoidal sheets have higher strength compared to other sheets. This makes these sheets more resistant to cross winds.


By choosing upvc trapezoidal sheet, you can save a lot from your installation, maintenance costs.


Dimensions of upvc trapezoidal sheet

Upvc trapezoid sheet has the specifications. Each trapezoidal sheet has 6 long corrugations 4 cm high

This type of design, beside of adding physical strength and durability, adds the ability to the sheet so that more distance can be considered for the purlines during the substructure. This more distance creates the ability to create better and more convenient sealing. In fact, in the width side overlap, the probability of  water leakage is zero. The flexibility of trapezoidal sheet is equal to twenty centimeters per meter. This makes these sheets a good choice for arched projects and parking.

upvc trapezoidal sheet color

In Sepid fam Varna factory, upvc trapezoidal sheet is produced in different colors. The colored alloy  quality of these sheets is such that they do not peel easily. You can easily contact us with the numbers on the contact page to find out the color of our sheets.