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Upvc roofing shingles

Upvc roofing shingles

In this article, we review the new generation of roofing shingles, which is made of upvc, and describe the roofing shingles advantages and disadvantages in detail. In the following, we will give a brief history of shingles and how to install them. So if you also care about the beauty of your roof, I suggest you follow this article to the end, and get zero to one hundred details of the upvc roofing shingles. New construction technologies are actually a set of methods that deal with the applications of technology in the construction industry and improve the performance of construction projects by creating better opportunities. The above can be mentioned as important cases that have been proven to be used and efficient in the construction industry. The use of new technologies in construction has increased the productivity of this industry by 30 to 45%. The Technology helps us to predict the quality of materials used in construction,  And the best materials to be used for work.



The effect of technology in the construction industry

New technology and machinery in the construction industry cause improves quality, speeds up work, saves costs. The significant effects of construction activities on environmental, economic and social aspects is invitable. And new technologies show the potential to help protect the environment and implement sustainable development. Therefore, paying attention to the issue of sustainable development in any part of construction projects seems logical and indeed.

Many construction projects use old and inefficient methods for construction. Due to the seismicity of the country, it is necessary to examine the advantages and disadvantages of new materials. Proper management of construction and selection about appropriate roof system according to the climate of the region are among the solutions. Which can contribute to economic savings in construction by considering the safety of the building.

In slope roofs, different materials can be used for beautification. There are various products for roofing that can give an attractive appearance to buildings and have high durability.

What is a roofing shingles?

Roofing shingles  are one of the building materials for roofing. Which has been introduced as a roof and  it is used as a routine cover in American and European countries. In the simple definition of roofing shingle, the panels are smooth on a wooden substructure. Which is made of materials such as asphalt, wood, stone, UPVC,  etc. UPVC shingles avialable in various designs and colors. hexagon

design and Cambridge design are some of the popular designs of this cover. There are several reasons why shingle roofing is a user choice for roofing. Because other roof coverings such as Andovilla, Andolin, Ardavaz have been introduced along with this cover, but the popularity of roofing shingles has not changed over time and is still one of the most popular coverings.

Upvc shingles history

Shingle is one of the most popular and widely used roofing materials. American architects designed 17 years ago for the first time. And in a short time the Canadians used shingles and replaced the clay roofs and traditional European methods. Shingles was selected as the best roof covering in 1983.

Upvc shingle roofing advatages

Shingle sloping roof is highly resistant to natural factors, especially wind. Shingles are resistant to winds, up to 130 km / h. But this number varies according to different geographical areas. Shingle coverings has good resistance in different regions. In warm areas, due to the insulation and OSB board underlayment can prevent heat from entering the building. It also helps keep the indoor space cool by reflecting sunlight. In snowy areas, snow slips easily on it. It is resistant to external noises and reduce noise from entering. Shingles can be used in various architectures. In installing shingles, pay attention to the enough quality of the boards. Insulation of this type of cover is very important.

  • Impact resistance and deformation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Suitable heat insulation
  • UV resistant
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Resistance covering
  • environment friendly


old roofing shingle disadvantages

One of the problems in maintaining the  old models of shingles is related to moss and alga that grow on it due to moisture. Moisture causes the shingles to crack. water penetrates under the roof, causing damage to the substructure. it is better to repair it before the moisture from the water causes great damage to the substructure.

New generation durable shingle roofing

One of the shingle materials is UPVC shingles, which has solved the problem of moss and alga. UPVC shingles do not absorb water and moisture and do not provide conditions for algae growth. Because the growing conditions microorganisms such as fungi, algae, moss need sufficient moisture. Algal growth occurs within the porous between two shingles. And UPVC shingle covering do not have water absorption duo to condition for micro organisms growth . surface adhesion and adsorption are very low in materials such as polyurethane and UPVC. In fact this problem is solved by upvc shingles. That resolves the concerns of end users. Beside of,  UPVC shingle roofing has features such as self-extinguishing, electrical insulation, resistance to weather conditions, corrosion, abrasion are among the products with long life. Sepid fam Varna, a leader in the production UPVC shingles, can be useful help fans this type of covering.

Upvc shingle covering certificates:

Sepid fam Varna company, by producing high quality shingle covering , has been able to obtain most of the quality certificates of this industry from the relevant institutions, which are:

VICAT softening point.


Radionuclide Elements.

Impact Resistance.

Oxygen Index.

Ressistance  to chemical liquids.

Temperature of deflaction under load.

Roofing shingles materials:

Shingles are composed of various layers including oil and silica. there is another shingle, the core of it is galvanized sheet. But in new generation of ,this roofing ,its paid special attention, such as insulation against temperature variation, sunlight reflection, impact resistance, and the formation of various forms of sloping surfaces.

Installation roofing shingle

All slope roofs consist of two main parts: substructure and sheet installation. For installation, calculation knuckle and percentage slope is required. If 80 mm x 40 mm profiles are used, the truss distance can be up to 3.8 meters longitudinally. This increase in distance depends on the structure because too much increase , creates a bending and reduces its strength.

After installing the profiles, shaved and cut wood is used horizontally and these woods are installed on metal structures. Shaved and cut wood can be considered at a distance of 40 to 50 cm to properly cover the entire surface of the OSB board and the edges.


Installation oriented strand board

First, special wooden plates are installed on wooden substructure. Then moisture insulation is applied on the wooden boards. after installing the shingle cover.

Upvc shingle roofing technical table: