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About us

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Mission and vision

Sepid fam varna, is a new generation manufacturer in roof tile industry, wall coverings and sandwich panels made of upvc. This company has stablished since 2014. using the latest technology in the world , the best engineers and the best Iranian engineers and local employees in the region , distributes products under the polyroof Erica trade mark to markets within country and all over the world.



producing unique products to prevent global warming and increase energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial structures through insulation, reducing noise pollution and thus increasing the overall efficiency of the structure.


Company objectives

Sepid fam Varna Company has taken specific raw material to in order to produce high durability products and also by eliminating disadvantage of the common construction materials lead to optimizing energy  consumption building.
We hope to take a small step towards production in the field of  construction materials to lighten, increase energy efficiency and help prevent global warming in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors around the world.