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Arduvaz( fiber cement) roofing

roof covering is one of the challenges that civil engineers always face. Arduvaz (fiber cement)  roofing is one of the coverings that is suitable for sloping roofs.

What is a Arduvaz( fiber cement) roofing?

One of the strongest and oldest roof coverings is Arduvaz( fiber cement) roofing. This covering is called Fiber cement in English. This  roofing has been used since ancient times as one of the best covering for sloping roof in structures. Sepid fam Varna Company, as the poineer of UPVC sheet production in Iran, has been trying since 2015 to take a big step in producing  high quality tiles for sloping roofs.


Older generations Arduvaz roofing were made of cement base. for this reason, she had good endurance. But it also had its  own disadvantages.

But over time, this product was produced without asbestos because of its negative effects on health and harmfulness over time have been proven. But with the removal of asbestos, this product has been reported against impact and cracking over time in this product. At Sepid fam Varna Company, we have been able to eliminate the chemical damage of this roof and produce an environmental friendly roof by using new technology and new materials and machinery.


Arduvaz roofing specifications

Upvc  Arduvaz roofing Specifications 60 * 30 dimensions and thickness 2 mm.  The overlap of these roofing is 40 cm. This level of overlap makes these covering better sealed.

Arduvaz roofing vatiety

Ardavaz roofing has a design, which has been received by consumers. UPVC roofing produced by Sepid fam Varna Company has a variety of colors. You can get information about the colors in the production by contacting the factory sales


Upvc Arduvaz roofing applications

Facade villas and buildings.

sloping roof covering.

Renovation old cement roofing.

Gazebo metal and wooden.

UPVC Arduvaz roofing production process

The production process of UPVC Arduvaz roofing in Sepid fam Varna factory is using the latest technologies and using UPVC material.

By obtaining all kinds of technical quality certificates in this field, we have tried to produce high quality roofing.

Arduvaz roofing installation quide

Here consider some important points when installing Arduvaz roofing. Nonconformity these tips may have unpleasant consequences.

Tip1: When installing UPVC Arduvaz roofing , use a installer who has update information on building materials, and installation tools and techniques.

Tip 2: Arduvaz roofing is made of different materials. Each has its own properties. Therefore, if you use Arduvaz roofing with high quality material, the life of your slope roof will be longer.

Our collection recommends the use of UPVC Arduvaz roofing, because these sheets have different advantages, which we will describe below:

  • VICAT softening point
  • Flammability
  • Radionuclide Elements
  • Impact Resistance
  • Oxygen Index
  • Ressistance to chemical liquids
  • Temperature of deflection under load.

Tip 3: In the implementation of Arduvaz roofing, high quality materials should be used in the substructure. It is recommended to use wooden lumber

structure with a thickness of 3 to 8 cm in the substructure.

Is upvc roofing, light weight?

UPVC Arduvaz roofing are considered as light roofing and by using these roof, you can measure the weight of the structure reduce yourself.