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Specifications of UPVC endovilla sheet (polyline)

What you read about endovilla (polyline) in this article

In this article, we will review the latest generation of UPVC endovila (polyline) sheet, recount its advantages and disadvantages, and mention its types of coloring. If you are also building and using sloping roofs in your structure, endoviola (polyline) sheet is one of the best choices in this field.

What is UPVC ondovilla?

Polyline is a trade mark that has chosen the Sepid Fam Varna for upvc roof tile that is similar to onduvilla. The material of this sheet, unlike onduvilla produced in other factories, is made of upvc.

onduvilla (polyline) looks like clay tiles and shingles, But the advantage that distinguishes this sheet from the above sheets is that the onduvilla sheet is much lighter in terms of weight. Another point that distinguishes this sheet from sloping sheets is that UPVC onduvilla (polyline) sheets, beside of their self-washing properties in adverse weather conditions, have a very high efficiency, so these sheets are the which is a proper suitable option for all types of sloping roofs.

Where is onduvilla (polyline) upvc used?

onduvilla sheets (polyline) are used in sloping roofs such as:
school buildings, residential homes, and commercial facilities, roof and facade of villas

onduvilla ( polyline) Advantages

  • light weight.
  • Variety color spectrum.
  • Easy installation.
  • No leak because of full overlaping.
  • Economical substructure.

light weight: polyline is considered a light weight sheet by a weight of 4 kg per square meter. Easy installation adds to the reasons for its use. This light weight and lightness have prevented heavy damage caused by heavy roofs in the event of an earthquake.

Easy installation: Polyline covering is installed on metal substructure. Although these two products are similar , but they have different features. Special corpies are used in the installation of polyline. The use of these corpies helps the durability product.

Variety color spectrum: beautiful appearance, polyline roof tile are designed that each piece of color scattering gives a special beauty to facade building.

No leak because of full overlaping: the ridges on polyline roof tile are designed to prevent the return of water due to rain and snow. Therefore, we see complete sealing in these roof tile.

Economical substructure: installation poly roof covering does not require low- distance substructure, which it results to cheaper installation cost. Polyline is installed easily on wooden and metal substructure. so as that the final costs of would be cheaper.


Polyline and types of coloring

Polyline covering are produced in 3 color spectrum red, brown and green. You can connect the sales experts Sepid Fam varna company for more information about coloring polyline sheets.


Installing an andovilla cover requires an integrated wooden substructure. Cut wood are used for installation. the distance between the woods varies on the slope of the roof. for slopes less than 25%, the wood is installed at distance of 16 cm. if the slop of the roof is above 25% , the distance are considered to be 32 cm. installing polyline covering is different from endovilla covering. Because these covering is produced in 1 m* 2 m dimensions. Therefore, it can be installed on metal structures and there is no need to use wooden structures.

How to buy polyline roof tile:

You can connect the sepid fam varna companys sales experts to receive advice, purchase and quotation.