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best roof tile Material for Every House

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Best Roof Tile Materials for Every House


Choosing the best roof tile Material is not easy. New types of roofing materials – in building and construction industry – is emerging day by day and this makes our choice even more difficult. That is why in this article we are going to discuss about the best types of roofing materials for buildings. Which roofing is most durable and best for your budget?


best roof tile Material


What are the main specifications of best roof tile materials?

best roof tile Material

When it comes to choosing a new roof, you should know that each roofing material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Which roofing material should you choose? The one that best suits your needs. For instance the climate and the geographical area of your building and the environmental conditions play an important role.

Here are the most important specifications for choosing best roof tile material for your house:



Everyone wants a durable and maintenance-free roof. A roof that can remain with the same original quality for years without repair costs or discoloration.



best roof tile Material



Waterproofing your roof can seal cracks, prevent leaks and create a barrier against water. Keeping water out of your roof can reduce damage and deterioration to your structures.

Due to excellent sealing feature, proper overlapping and being hydrophobic, UPVC roof sheets; are the best roof tile material to increase the lifespan of your roof.


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Prevent corrosion & rust

What type of roof can be the best anti-corrosion material? A roof that does not react with chemicals – acid rain – Alkaline Chemicals – gases and toxic substances. This is the same feature of UPVC roof tiles.


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best roof tile Material

What is a cost effective roof? A roof that not only is affordable, but also has fair Infrastructure construction costs, installation and implementation. Also, in the years to come, it won’t cost you extra money and won’t require repairs or renovations.


UV & Heat resistant

Who doesn’t like to sit under a canopy or cooling roof on a hot, sunny day? Whether you are at home or outside the building and under a safe shelter, a heat-resistant roof can reduce your home’s cooling costs and provide comfort to the residents of your house.




Fire-resistant roofing materials prevent starting fire and even if they don’t, they keep it from spreading. Especially if your house is prone to wildfires, it may happen unexpectedly. Investing in best roof tile materials which are fire-resistant, can keep you and your household from danger.



Impact resistant

best roof tile Material


The best roof tile materials should be able to withstand falling trees, the weight of snow, wind loads, etc.


Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation in roofing system plays an important role on cooling and energy usage. It controls the temperature and prevent moisture condensation. What if I told you in uPVC is the best roof tile material that does not need any thermal insulation. Because they alone are heat and cold insulators.


Best roof tile Material for insulation


best roof tile Material

Tile roofing are perfect options for insulation. Because air can easily circulate under the tiles in warm and cold weather. They are also highly resistant to fire, and storms. UPVC roof tiles for instance are called cool roof tiles due to their energy-efficiency feature. They do not need any extra roof insulation and will reduce the costs of roofing significantly.


Variety of colors and sizes

Light roof colors such as white in hot tropical climate and dark roof colors in cold weather – in addition to protecting the ozone layer – can save energy & money.


Which types of roof tile materials are best for hot weather?

best roof tile Material


Energy-efficiency, UV resistance, being lightweight, having excellent thermal insulation, having light color are some of the most important factors for choosing the best roof materials in hot climate.

Solar roofing shingles, UPVC roof panels, green roofs and Bamboo roofing are some of the best roof tile materials for warm climate.

UPVC roofing sheets – unlike metal sheets – do not contract or expand due to temperature changes. They are resistant to moisture, algae and fungi – Unlike concrete and clay roof tiles.



Which types of roof tiles have the best material for cold weather?


A good roofing system has a vital role in cold weather. Not only should it prevent heat loss in the building, but also protect the roof against heavy snow, rain and strong winter winds.

UPVC roof sheets, Fiberglass Asphalt, slates and metal roofs are some of the best roof tile materials in old weather.



best roof tile Material 

Important factors before buying the best roof tile material for your house

As you see above, we have reviewed the important specifications of best roof tile materials. But if we want to assess the most important features among them; we name the following 3 items which matters the most for buyers:

  • Longevity
  • Cost ( price of roof tiles, roofing labor)
  • Low maintenance




Are lightweight roof tiles not durable enough?

best roof tile Material

UPVC tiles, lightweight and durable roof materials



Lightweight roofing tiles can reduce your cooling costs during heat waves. They can save energy up to 20% and save money. But more important than that is their ability to withstand winds and storms. Whereas heavy roof tiles such as clays and concretes are brittle and prone to cracking.


UPVC roof tiles are lightweight and therefore easy to transport and install. They are the most low-maintenance roofing materials and roof discoloration has been rarely seen in 50 years of uPVC roof tiles lifespan.


Which type of roofing lasts longer?

Most durable roof tiles are of the highest quality materials and are installed correctly. Among them, slate, clay and UPVC are the best roof tile materials that last the longest.

Clay tile roof = 100 years

Slate roofing = 100 years

UPVC roof tile = 50 years


Why is UPVC the best roof tile material for any building & any climate?


best roof tile Material



best roof tile Material

UPVC Poultry Farm



  1. UPVC roof sheets are the best option for hot areas. They do not need layering insulation such as glass wool or rock wool. The sheets are sufficient to prevent heat loss under the roof. They are cheap and maintenance free roof tiles that can save energy. UPVC sheets in Sepidfam Varna Companies resist 10°C for each 2 mm thickness of the tile.


  1. Over time, the UV rays can weaken the roof panels and reduce their lifespan. Having been covered by polyurethane coating – which is a durable and beautiful top coat – uPVC sheets can have a lifespan of up to 50 years without changing the color and needing to replace the sheets. Thermal resistance in UPVC roof tiles is between -40 to +75 degrees centigrade.


  1. On the other hand, excellent features such as proper overlapping, sealing and pressure‐resistance ; makes them one of the best roof tile materials against rain, snow and cold climate – for any type of roof coverings.


Time for Choosing the Most Durable Roofing Material?

UPVC ridge


Despite above proven features of uPVC roofing sheets, if you still doubt that they are the best roof tile materials for your home or your building, you can ask us all your questions.

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