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What is the Solution for Metal Roof Corrosion and Rust?

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What is the Solution for Metal Roof Corrosion and Rust?

Metal roof corrosion has long been a big concern causing problems and additional costs for the building owners and managers and in the construction industry.

Some people are used to metal roof rusting. They know very well that after a specific period of time, their roof will begin to rust and corrode and they have to fix or replace them.

Metal Roof Corrosion

So, you may be wandering the best solution for your metal roof corrosion. But more important question is: Are there any other roofing materials – with a lower price and higher durability – that can replace the metal roof of your house with the lowest maintenance costs?


Difference between Corrosion & Rust in Metal Roofs

Metal Roof Corrosion

When metals are exposed to chemicals or electrochemical reactions, it is called corrosion. When they are exposed to air and moisture, it is iron oxidation or rust. The color of metal roof rusting is brown or red, while the color of metal roof corrosion might be green or blue.




What are the reasons for metal roof corrosion and rust?

What causes rust and corrosion in metal roofs?


  • Iron Oxidation

Water & Oxygen are the main components to create iron oxide and speed up rust and corrosion in metal roofs.


  • High humidity in environment

Moisture is one of the main reasons of rust and corrosion in metal roofs. But if you are currently living in humid climate rusting is inevitable.

  • Acid rain and salty water

All metal or steel roofs have a low resistance to acid rain and salt. But some metals start to corrode and rust sooner than other types.


Other factors that can accelerate metal roof corrosion & rusting:


  • Poor quality of protective coating in metal roofs
  • Condensation
  • long time exposure of metal roofs to UV light
  • erosive forces
  • Heat
  • Exposure to chemicals



What about galvanized steel or color-coated ones? Do they corrode, too?


Metal Roof Corrosion


Most people think zinc coating and primers on steel roofs can completely prevent them from corrosion and rust. But the fact is unfortunately galvanized steel does not resist corrosion and rust. Same goes to color-coated steel roofs. But why even galvanization process do not prevent from metal roof corrosion and rust?

During manufacturing – when turning them into sheets – or installation process, the cuts and scratches on the steel – which most probably happens – can create situations in which water, oxygen or other chemicals react easily with the steel or metal roofs, resulting in rapid corrosion and rusting.

Metal Roof Corrosion


How to prevent metal roof corrosion and rust?

Roof rusting and corrosion can be costly and annoying. But choosing the best coating materials for your roofs can save lots of money, energy and time. Besides, you do not need to worry about maintenance or repair in the near future. The following factors can be very helpful:



Metal corrosion treatments for your roof

  • install your metal roof correctly
  • Buy high quality roof materials to work as impenetrable barriers
  • Use some paints, primers or galvanized metal roofs (can save the roof to some extent)
  • Buy UPVC roof sheets to prevent metal roof corrosion. (Permanent solution).




How long is the life span of metal roofs?   

Lifespan of metal roofs depends on some factors such as the correct installation of the roof – protective coating of the metal or galvanized roofs – the geographical environment i.e. marine environment can speed up the process of metal roof corrosion and rust, etc. If maintained properly, metal roofs last up to 30 years.


What are the main issues with metal roofing?

Metal Roof Corrosion




There are some issues with having a metal roof above your head. Such as:

  • Oil Canning
  • Poor thermal insulation
  • Poor sound insulation
  • Scratching
  • Color fading
  • Leaking
  • Corrosion & rust


What is the best treatment for metal roof corrosion and rust?

UPVC is the best replacement for metal roof panels. UPVC is a new generation of lightweight and durable roof sheets and wall cladding. It has solved all the problems with steel roofing especially when it comes to metal roof corrosion.


Why UPVC roofing is the best solution for metal corrosion?

UPVC roof coatings play as leak barriers. Due to their 4 cm high wave, they create an excellent overlap on the roof. Therefore, roof leaks rarely happen in these sheets, and that is only when they are not installed correctly. Meanwhile air circulation flows well under these sheets, too and lower your cooling costs. This will also help reduce roof corrosion.


Another reason theses exceptional roof sheets prevent from roof corrosion compared to metals; is that they are highly durable against acidic and alkaline conditions and acid rain has no effect on them.

For factories that are working in chemical industry and are worried that their chemical products will speed up their metal roof corrosion, Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) roof material, is the only cost-effective solution that can last longer than metal roofs.


Advantages of uPVC roof coating compared to metal sheets?


Metal Roof Corrosion

UPVC anticorrosion roof


UPVC roof sheets are the best alternatives for steels and metals. They do not have the problems as of metal roof corrosion. Some of these pros are as follows:


  1. By installing UPVC roof panels, there will be no more galvanic roof corrosion – as in metal roofs. Galvanic corrosion is an electrochemical process and it happens when your metal roof is in electrical contact with another metal through water.
  2. Anti-rust
  3. Non-corrosive material
  4. No need for additional heat insulation – as they are provide it by themselves.
  5. Self-extinguishing
  6. Self-washing roofs
  7. Sound proof roofs
  8. Highly resistant to UV and no color fading
  9. Most Low-maintenance roofing material
  10. Cheaper roofing alternative to metal roofs
  11. Cost effective and durable for industrial shed roofing. (Especially livestock shelters).
  12. Life expectancy of uPVC roofs are 40-50 years.
  13. Screws in metal roofs will corrode too, but in UPVC roof installation we use corrosion resistant screws and corpies.

UPVC Roofing Sheets Specifications & Advantages


Fastener corrosion in metal roofs Vs UPVC anticorrosion screws


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