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Best Ways for Waterproofing Shed Roofs

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Best Ways for Waterproofing Shed Roofs

Waterproofing shed roofs is one of the challenges of the food, garden and farming industries. Considering that most of these sheds are used for storing goods, food and even livestock and poultry; it is important that our roof shed does not absorb water or leak. For this purpose, we must know what the best material is to waterproof our roof shed.

In this article we are investigating best ways to waterproof a small, large or industrial shed roof.

waterproofing shed roof


What is a Shed?

Sheds come in different shapes and sizes. They can be a small or large building for storing goods or garden tools. It can also be used as warehouses or workshops. Shed comes from the word shade and is used for sheltering too – i.e. animal shelter, car shelter, etc.


Why is it important to waterproof your Shed Roof?

waterproofing shed roof


Your roof is exposed to environmental factors 24 hours a day. Rain, hail and snow are inevitable. They are beautiful and a gift of God; but apparently not very appealing for the ones with no waterproof coating.

Moisture and dampness, in addition to leakage, can cause rusting and corrosion in roof and reduce its lifespan. This issue becomes more important when it comes to livestock sheltering and storing food and goods in sheds.

Choosing a high-quality and waterproof roofing material for your shed is essential. Not only water can cause leakage but also affects the electrical components, lighting, and insulation of your shed roof.


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Best Materials for Waterproofing Shed Roofs


  1. EPDM Roof Coating

waterproofing shed roof

It is a good protective covering layer to keep water out of your shed roof is: EPDM Membrane which should be correctly installed to waterproof your shed roof.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber material. It provides a weather resistance protection layer against water penetration and UV radiation. PDM membranes is a more cost- effective waterproofing material for big shed roofs.

  1. Elastomeric Sealant

waterproofing shed roof


Elastomeric coating usually has a white color and is a good way for waterproofing your shed roof. They fill in gaps between roof panels and provide a waterproof protective layer. They come in 4 common types:

  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone
  • Acrylic
  • Butyl


As good as it may seem, they have some major drawbacks, too. Elastomeric Waterproof Sealer is expensive compared to traditional paints or sealers. Furthermore, it might not be breathable and can cause mold and mildew growth- unlike traditional paint.

waterproofing shed roof



  1. UPVC sheet a perfect waterproofing material for shed roofs

waterproofing shed roof 

This one has multipurpose usage. Not only UPVC panels can waterproof your roof from inside; but also can fix a leaking shed roof from outside. No matter the size and shape of your roof, this is the most durable and cost-effective covering for waterproofing small or industrial sheds.


Pros and Cons of UPVC sheets for waterproofing shed roofs:


  • Prevent roofing leaks by its excellent overlapping feature and its 4 cm high wave can stop leaks in heavy rain.


  • UPVC accessories including angular and curved ridges and capping can be a permeant waterproof covering for shed roofs.


  • UPVC roof tiles are hydrophobic roof coatings. This means they repel water easily.


  • Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is an anticorrosion and antirust material. they are specifically designed for extreme weather conditions where they cannot be moved during storms or by temperature fluctuation.


  • this type of coating is very cost-effective in a sense that it does not need an extra insulator neither in hot seasons nor in cold weather.



What are the Cheapest Ways for waterproofing Shed Roofs?


Acrylic roof coating

Although Acrylic coatings are one of the cheapest materials for waterproofing shed roofs; they have some serious issues:

The waterproof coverings are susceptible to freezing in colder temperatures and can be brittle. So they must be used only on gable roof sheds so that water and snow can quickly fall off the shed roof.



Waterproofing felt for shed roofs

Felt is also one of the cheapest ways for waterproofing your shed roof; Felt is a combination of compressed cloth-fibre base and modified bitumen. The bitumen is the main material that does the job of waterproofing shed roofs.

But again there are some major drawbacks you need to consider:

Felts are not durable enough to withstand extreme weather. They warp out in hot days and brittle in cold weather. Strong winds can tear and dislodge the felts.

Fitting roofing felt around corners and edges of the roof shed is not an easy task. Perfect cut and accurate fixing of the felt is essential for a perfect waterproofing of your shed roof.


Which one is easier? Waterproofing flat roof sheds or gable roof sheds?

Generally, sloped roofs are better waterproof designs for a shed. They allow rain and water to slide off quickly. But when it comes to choosing the best and cheapest materials for waterproofing shed roofs, gable roofs are harder to let them be fixed or shaped at edges of the roof.

For instance following materials:


  • Single-ply membrane
  • EPDM coatings
  • Elastomeric sealant
  • Liquid Rubber


Are easier for a flat roof shed to be fixed and shaped compared to sloping roof sheds.



How UPVC material can prevent water from entering your building?

waterproofing shed roof

Sometimes you may use proper roof materials which are perfect to waterproof your roof; but due to the lack of proper overlapping, moisture can easily enter the roof of your shed.

Proper overlapping is the cheapest way for waterproofing shed roofs which are being done very well at Sepidfam Varna factories.


Sepidfam Varna high-quality manufacturer of UPVC roof sheets


It doesn’t matter if your shed roof is flat or sloping or even arched. Because uPVC flexible sheets are the best option for waterproofing and increasing the durability of industrial sheds or warehouses. They also rarely require maintenance and repair and have a lifespan of up to 50 years.


Sepidfam Varna is a manufacturer of the new generation of waterproofing UPVC roofs and wall cladding in Iran.

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