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Steel Roofing Sheets

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Steel Roofing Sheets

When someone talks about steel roofing sheets, they are almost always talking about metal roofing. That means these 2 terms can be used interchangeably.

Steel roofs or metal roofs are made from iron and generally refer to a zinc-coated steel – which is a galvanized coating; or they are called Galvalume which is a combination of aluminum and zinc. This extra coating is for the protection of the iron against oxidation.

Steel roofing sheets are mostly used for their affordability and longevity. Metal roofs can make the building look aesthetically pleasing.

They are relatively light materials and can be shaped into roof styles. However steel roofing sheets have some disadvantages – you need to consider before purchasing a good material for your roof. Here we will discuss steel roofing sheets pros and cons and suggest some high quality roofing materials as an alternative to steel roofing.

Steel Roofing Sheets


What are the Types of metal roofs? 

Here are 5 types of metal roofing that are mostly used in building and construction:


  • Aluminum roofing sheets

Although aluminum roofing material is lightweight and durable, it is still expensive and it comes with a few color choices. They are also more likely to dent- compared to steel roof sheets.

  • Aluminum zinc roofing sheet

Aluminium and zinc coating increase the lifespan of the roof. It will be more resistant to cracks and impact. It gives the roof a smooth surface and saves more energy in the building.


  • Copper roofing sheets

The pros of copper roofing: they are lightweight and have long lifespan. They are attractive and can be installed easily.

The cons of copper roofing: it is a traditional type of roofing.  Under extreme temperatures, copper sheets expand and contract. Also they are expensive materials in roofing industry. Moreover, the color of copper roof sheets will change over time.

In roofing industry, they come in different styles such as:

  • Copper shingles
  • Copper tiles
  • Copper panels
  • Copper sheets



  • Zinc roofing sheets

Zinc is more corrosion-resistant; compared to steel roofs. So it lasts longer when exposed to rust. It is a recyclable material but is more expensive than steel.



Steel roofing sheets

There are 3 types of steel roof sheets:

  • Galvanized steel roof

It is a layer of zinc added to the top layer of steel to reduce the risk of corrosion.

  • Galvalume steel roof

It is a combination of aluminum and zinc to protect against corrosion.


  • weathering steel roof

It is a type of steel alloy that is covered with a protective oxide film on the surface to show more resistance against corrosion.



  • Tin roofing sheets

Tin roofing is lightweight and easy to install but they are old and no longer used in roofing systems.


Steel Roof Panels


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Roofing Sheets?

Being durable and eco- friendly, steel roofing have been popular for many decades.

But first let us review what are the advantages and disadvantages of steel tile roofs.  In the coming years and with the use of modern roofing materials; can they still be worth buying as high quality roofing materials in the construction and building industry or not?



Advantages of steel roofing sheets

What are Pros of steel roofing sheets? Here are some of the advantages of metal roofing.


Recyclable and eco-friendly

At the end of steel roof lifespan, steel roof materials can be recycled and they cause no waste.



Steel roof panels absorb less heat than most traditional roof materials. With proper Energy efficiency of roofing systems; AC does not have to work hard in summer days. Energy efficient roofs provide extra insulation and saves money. (But there is even a better option for it and we will further explain about it).



Relatively light

Steel roof sheets are lighter compared to clay, ceramic and cement tiles.


Relatively light





Aluminum Roofing vs Steel Roofing

Due to the similarity between steel roofing sheets and aluminum roofs, you may ask what are the differences between these two types of metal roofs and which one is better.

Steel is more prone to seawater damage, while Aluminum is more resistant to corrosion especially in humid areas.

Aluminum roofs, can be can have higher price compared to steel roofing sheets. The roofs that are made of aluminum and zinc – galvalume – are up to 3 times more effective than galvanized steel roofing sheets; when it comes to preventing your metal roof from rusting.

Aluminum is a lighter material for roofing compared to steel and can be shaped into more complex profiles. Steel sheets are more fire resistant compared to aluminum roofs.

Both are an energy efficient roofing material and reflect light and emit heat.









UPVC Roofing Suppliers in UAE & IRANUPVC Roofing Suppliers in UAE & IRAN

UPVC sheets are a reliable alternative to steel sheets with very low maintenance and high durability.

Our Company – Sepidfam Varna – supply UPVC roof sheets and wall cladding with High quality materials for UAE and IRAN. Our products are quick and easy to install. The duration of the legal guarantee lasts 7 years. Our roofing sheet suppliers are in Middle East and the nearby countries ready to serve our clients around the world.




Comparison between uPVC and steel roofing sheets

What are the advantages of uPVC roofs over metal roofing? The many advantages of uPVC roof sheet over steel roofing, have made it a high quality and affordable material – which has made UPVC sheet the most cost effective roof nowadays. We owe this to the progress of the world’s most up-to-date roofing materials in the construction and building industry.

Below are the most important advantages of Sepidfam Varna roof sheets and their advantages over steel or metal roofing sheets.




  • Flat roof or sloped roofs?

While steel and metal roofing are rarely implemented for flat roofs, uPVC roofing sheets can be installed both on flat and pitched roofs.




  • Sound insulation

Steel tile roof sheets do not have good acoustic insulation features. The irritating noise might not let you sleep at night.

On the contrary, uPVC roofing sheets have excellent sound insulating properties. Test results show; it is 30 db lower than steel roof tiles – which provides excellent sound absorption properties and reduce noise way more than steel roofing sheets.



  • Anti-corrosion and anti-rust

Metal roof panels and steel roofs do rust. Steel is an iron alloy that makes it highly susceptible to corrosion. They are always at risk of oxidation and corrosion; unlike UPVC roof coverings which are highly corrosion resistant – better than galvanized steel roof coating.

UPVC materials are acid and alkali resistant roof tiles; therefore they are the best material for acidic environments like industrial and coastal areas and highly corrosive manufacturing factories.

Galvanization as a protective coating to steel will help slow corrosion and rust but there is no guarantee and the risk of corrosion and rust is always there.






Stell roof


  • Expand and contract

Another disappointing disadvantage of steel roofing is their movement in different weather situations. They react to temperature. It is called oil canning and it happens when steel panels do not sufficient room to move. This will effect on screws and fasteners and reduce steel roof lifespan; whereas in uPVC roof panels there is rarely any size changes due to weather conditions.

UPVC roof coatings are resistant to climate changes. This roofing material works  from -40C to +75C and is the number one choice for very cold or very hot areas.


  • Thermal conductivity

UPVC roofing sheets have a very low heat conduction coefficient which is 0.325 w/m.k . It is 1/2000 of 0.5 mm thick steel roof tiles.

It is true that steel roofs can reduce heat transfer through the roof – both in corrugated metal roofs and Standing seams – but since insulation materials have lower thermal conductivities like uPVC roof panels, they are considered a better choice for roofing materials as better insulators – compared to steel roofing sheets.



  • Lightning protection


Since the materials in steel roofing have high electrical conductivity, they need to be grounded to prevent lightning strikes. By installing lightning arrestors around your house, you will decrease the risks of strikes.

UPVC sheets on the other hand are non- conductors of electricity. This makes them the best electrical insulators in roofing industry. If lightning happens, they prevent strikes. UPVC roof sheets are also the best fire retardant and non-combustible building materials for roofing.





Anti-impact properties

Anti-load properties of uPVC roof sheets are excellent. In case a 1 kg metal ball falls at a height of 3m – UPVC roof sheet does not break or crack. As for steel roof sheets, there is always the risk of Scratch or scuff on the surface.



  • Roof leakage

Steel roofing gives an appealing appearance to the house – especially standing seam roofing. But Curb appeal does not keep the house from water and rain. In order to prevent from roof leaking in metal sheets, an extra layer as a barrier membrane need to be installed under metal panels which adds up your expenses.

Metal roofing screws can also make the roof leakage process faster in steel roofs. By uPVC waterproofing screws and sealing washers and also complete overlapping of uPVC sheets; effective sealing and protection is guaranteed for your building. This is one of the most important specifications of uPVC roofing sheets – compared to steel roofing.





Stell roof

  • weight

UPVC roof sheets are lighter than metal roofs. Average weight of 1 m2 UPVC sheet is around 3 kg; whereas for metal roofs it equals to 4.5 kg.



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  • Installation

UPVC roof sheets can be easily cut, shaped or drilled. It has waterproof screws and accessories. The installation process is easy and quick. As for steel roofing, it needs more labor and efforts for fixing the sheets, drilling and installing the panels.

Metal roofing has a higher installation costs too. They are not ideal for DIY installation; since the process is challenging and it requires specialized tools and need to be done by a few contractors and specialized roofing companies. Beside that; the average steel roof installation costs are higher than upvc roof sheets.


  • Maintenance & Cleaning

Since dents, scratching, leaks and corrosion can easily happen in steel roofing, they require annual maintenance to maximize the lifespan of the roof.  UPVC roof panels are high performance and low maintenance roofing materials and the lifespan is around 50 years – if installed correctly. They do not need to be cleaned, as they have self-washing features.


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So what is the disadvantage of uPVC roofing sheets compared to steel roofing sheets?

Steel roof cost. Although steel roofing might be a cheaper option than UPVC roofing; but uPVC roofs are more cost effective. Low maintenance cost and high durability; has made uPVC roofing sheets, a high quality and long-lasting roof in construction and building materials industry.




In this article we discussed the most important advantages and disadvantages of steel or metal roofing sheets. We have mentioned some steel roof issues and the solution to it which is to use better alternatives – for more longevity and cost effective options. Whether you should buy them or not depends on your location, climate, structure of the building, etc.

The way you install your roof sheets and whether you use experienced contractors or not, are also very important. So only use a reliable company for installation.





What is the life expectancy of a steel roof?

The average lifespan of steel roof is 40 – 60 years. As for copper roof sheets, they may last even longer.




Aluminum vs Steel roofing sheets: which one is a better roof material?

Aluminum is lighter than steel roofing sheets. But steel tile roofs are stronger than aluminum and less expensive. They are more fire resistant than aluminum. If you live in a humid area, then aluminum will be a better choice for your roof, if your concern is the weight of the sheets, aluminum will be lighter. It all depends on your area and your needs.



What can damage a metal roof?

What are the disadvantages of a metal roof? Followings are the most important issues when it comes to metal or steel roofing.

  • Scratch or scuff on the surface of the roof
  • Water flow and driving rain
  • Oil canning
  • Chalking and fading
  • Fastener issues and installation errors
  • Corrosion
  • Ultraviolet rays damage



Why do they use Stainless steel roofing?

Steel is an iron and carbon alloy. It contains at least 10% chromium, less than 1.2 % carbon and other alloying materials. Stainless steel has better corrosion resistance, and more durability.


What are the advantages of corrugated steel sheets?

Grooves and ridges of corrugated steel roofing sheets makes it more durable and Sustainable. It makes the roof sheets tougher and at the same time more lightweight.



What is an alternative to steel roof?


What is an alternative to steel roof?

Based on what is said above on metal roofs vs uPVC roofs, UPVC sheets are the best alternative roofing materials for steel roofing; since they are easier to install, lighter and more cost effective. They have excellent sound and heat insulating properties and higher impact strength, etc.



What are the disadvantages of steel roofing sheets?

  • Poor sound insulation
  • Dent easily
  • Noisy
  • Challenging Installation
  • hard to repair
  • Sheet size changes
  • Can get stained
  • Prone to scratches and punctures






About Sepid-Fam Varna



About Sepid-Fam Varna

Sepid-Fam Varna is a Pioneer Corporation Producing uPVC roofing sheets (Unplasticized Polyvinyl chloride) and wall cladding in IRAN & UAE – under brand name “Polyroof Erika” – since 2014.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with latest technology, automated machineries and best quality; to offer uPVC sheets with best price and ship worldwide.

Sepid-Fam Varna uPVC sheets are optimum choice for roofing and cladding. They are the best replacement to traditional roofing systems, fiberglass sheets, steel roofing tiles and cement roofing sheets.


Our uPVC roofing sheets are being widely used as the best roofing materials for: warehouses & Industrial sheds, Villas, Houses, poultry farms, cattle farms, fish farms, etc.

For more information about the technical specifications and uPVC roofing sheets price; please contact us:



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