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Steel Roof Tiles in UAE 

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Why are roof construction materials in United Arab Emirates important? Steel roof tiles in UAE are more durable or clay roofs or … and Why? Due to the hot weather in UAE, roofing companies in United Arab Emirates play an important role in insulating the roofs of the buildings.  

Steel roof Tiles in uae

To secure your roof, you should pay attention to some important factors such as: type of the building, geographical location, weather changes, roof cost and your budget, designs and styles of the roof, etc. In mostly sunny and hot weather- as in Dubai roof industry – producing high quality roof construction materials has become a harder job.

Here we are to help you choose the best roof materials; whether it is steel roof tiles in UAE or uPVC tiles, cement, clay, etc.


What is the best roofing material in UAE?

When it comes to roofing tiles, the first thing to consider is the type of weather and geographical conditions of the city. Well, the question is: are steel roof tiles the best option in UAE?


Metal roofing tiles are another name for steel roof tiles. The durability of steel roof tiles are determined by their thickness and the protective coating. Steel roof tiles in Dubai might be popular materials in roof coatings – but when it comes to the places where the weather is extremely hot in many months of the year – they have some disadvantages too. 

Steel roof tiles in uae

What are the advantages of steel roof tiles in UAE?

Are steel roof tiles in UAE the best option? What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing in United Arab Emirates? Here are some of the reasons people might choose metal roofing in UAE.


Environmental Friendliness: If environmental friendliness is your top priority in the roofing projects, then steel roof tiles can be a good option. Steel and aluminum sheets are eco-friendly roof tiles. They are recyclable at the end of their functional life. 


Longevity: While some traditional asphalt roofing materials might have a life expectancy of roughly 15-20 years; steel roof tiles in UAE can last almost 40 – 50 years.



United Arab Emirates is well known for its beautiful buildings and steel roof tiles can make your house look great.

Because steel is lightweight and can be bent and curved without changing the strength or integrity; it can take different forms and add to the architectural styles of the building. 


Steel roof tiles in UAE


What are the disadvantages of steel roof tiles in UAE?


Steel or other kinds of metal roofs are noisy: Echo from the rain which hits your steel roof, will bother you and the people inside; yes even in a warm place like Abu Dhabi, Emirates. Steel roof is at least 50 db louder than asphalt roofs. So the poor acoustic insulation of steel roof tiles must be considered if you are a person who needs peace and quiet.


Steel tiles usually are installed in pitched roofs (with slope angle of at least 10°): Metal roofing tiles can be installed on a flat roof of a house as long as it has an attic and metal rafters. Sloped roofs allow water to flow off the roof. If no proper drainage is used, a flat roof can be exposed to leaks or rot over time.


Repair and maintenance: If a metal roof needs to be repaired, you have to repair the entire segment; since it is not installed as an individual sheet. (unlike uPVC roof tiles).

Steel roof tiles in UAE


Price: Price of roof tiles might be an important factor for some people. Although price of steel roof tiles in UAE is more reasonable compared to ceramic and cement but it is still more expensive than other roofing materials. So in terms of budget, steel roof tiles must be reconsidered before purchasing. 

Steel roof tiles price in UAE: for instance: the price of 20 22 gauge corrugated steel roof tiles in UAE is $550.00 – $700.00 / ton 




Safety risk: Another disadvantages of steel roof tiles are when they are wet – like in snowy or rainy days. In this case they become slippery. So one should not walk or climb on a metal roof when it is wet or covered with snow. Unlike metal or steel roof tiles, uPVC sheets are safe to walk or even dance on in rainy days. There will be no danger for you and no cracking or shattering for the roof sheets.

steel roof tiles vs uPVC roof sheets in UAE


Denting: metal roof tiles are susceptible to chipping or denting and scratching – especially if they are not installed properly. 



What are the properties of each layer of UPVC roof tiles?

Layer 1:  (upper layer): The material can block the ultra violet rays of the sun. Its low heat conductivity factor, does not let heat pass through the sheets and reach inside the building easily. This layer is also resistant to chemical corrosion.   

Layer 2 and 3: (Bottom layer) – toughness and strength of the sheets increase illumination, rigidity and longevity of the UPVC tiles. Sound proof and thermal insulating properties is defined in these layers.


What are the advantages of uPVC in Emirates? – Compared to Steel Roof Tiles in UAE 

Are uPVC roof tiles a good alternative in UAE? Here are some of the most important advantages of uPVC sheets in hot weather:

Steel roof vs uPVC roof tiles in UAE




Best Roof Insulation 

What is the importance of roof insulation in hot weather like UAE? It prevents heat from entering the house and is a great help to reduce your AC bill – especially in summer. UPVC sheets are available in different sizes and layers. Durable and beautiful single-layer uPVC sheets are also used for false ceilings – Dropped ceiling.


Low Thermal Conductivity 

Low coefficient of thermal expansion does not let the sheets expand in hot climates like Dubai. Roof tiles like upvc sheets with low thermal conductivity prevent heat transmission in and out of the house. Thermal conductivity coefficient of upvc tiles is 0.325 w/m.k which is 1/2000 of 0.5 mm thick steel roof tiles.


Color of the Roof 

In case of intense sunlight like UV rays, roof will be bombarded by heat and radiations. This is when the reflectivity will be a greater priority. In warm climates, colors play a significant role in order to keep your home cool. So usually the best advice for color of the roof will be light colors like white. UPVC roof tiles have various and cheerful colors in custom sizes according to different tastes. 

Whereas in metal roofing, finding the exact match to the existing metal might not be easy – i.e. when repairing the roof.

Colorful uPVC Roofing sheets


Colorful uPVC Roofing sheets


Fire retardant coating in Dubai UAE

Due to hot weather of UAE, fire proof roof sheets should be very important for manufacturers and roofing companies in Dubai. The purpose of fire-resistant and fire retardant roof materials is to prevent the fire from spreading. Sepidfam Varna‘s main goal in roof manufacturing is to produce fire proof roof constructions in UAE ; where hot weather can be a threat for many roof houses.


Cost Effective in Steel Roof Tiles in UAE 

Compared to metal roofing tiles, UPVC roofing sheets in UAE are more cost effective materials. They also have longer longevity and low maintenance costs.

UPVC roof sheets resist extreme climate conditions like hot weather, high wind and storm, rain, and fire. 


UPVC Roof Tiles Can be installed on every roof

UPVC roofing sheets – unlike steel roof tiles – can be installed on any type of roof with any shape and style (Sloped or flat roof).


Anti-corrosion roof tiles

Factories with chemical production, release corrosive gases that will spread in all direction and up to the roof. If the material of the roof is not resistant to this chemical gases, it will damage the roof and can lead to economic losses.

Since steel roof tiles in UAE cannot bear the consequences as upvc sheets do, metal roofing might not be a good choice for such chemical industries.


Steel roof tiles in UAE

Galvanized Steel – Steel Roof Tiles in UAE 

You might wonder, what if we used galvanized steel roof tiles for more protection. In this case are they not as protective as uPVC roof sheets?

Galvanizing is the process of applying a protective layer of zinc on the steel and metal to prevent it from rusting.

Price of galvanized steel roof tiles in UAE: 20 – 1250 mm GI Corrugated Steel Roof Sheet is $550.00-$650.00 / tons.

But galvanized steel has also some disadvantages:

Some stainless steel suppliers might encourage you to buy this king of roof material, but galvanized steel has some disadvantages that you need to consider before buying them. It is relatively expensive; especially if you need to cover roof of large buildings. So if you’re on a tight budget, it might not be the best choice.

Galvanizing, strengthen the integrity of the steel roof tiles and make them resistant to red rust for a certain period of time. But if steel roof tiles are exposed to moisture, they will develop white rust over time.

So another reason to choose uPVC roofing tiles instead is that:  galvanized steel is not a good option for the roofs in coastal areas. It will speed up the process of corrosion and reduce the lifespan of the roof.

Sepidfam Varna UPVC roofing sheets in UAE

Varna Company is a roof tile supplier in Dubai, UAE. We produce high quality flame retardant roof panels. Here are the most important advantages of uPVC roof tiles in our factories:

  • Longevity 
  • flexibility and rigidity at the same time
  • Light weight and high quality sheets
  • Custom made and wide range of colors
  • Roofing & Cladding warranty
  • Anti-corrosion roof tiles & wall cladding
  • Cost-effective roofing materials
  • Fireproof roof material
  • Sound proof roof tiles
  • Anti-UV roof covering
  • Fast & easy installation
  •  Quick delivery
  • Excellent insulation



About  Sepidfam Varna

Sepidfam Varna is a Cooperatively-Owned Production Company. We manufacture new generation of uPVC roof sheets & wall coverings and sandwich panels for pitched roofs and flat roofs. We have started our activities since 2014. In our offer, we introduce high quality construction and building materials for roofs and wall cladding at best price according to your budget. 


We are Roof tiles suppliers in UAE and produce all kinds of anti-corrosion; anti-noise, anti-moisture, anti-rust and anti-fire roofs for industrial sheds, parking roofs and awnings, fish and shrimp pond roofs, etc.

UPVC roof sheets are especially suitable for chemical and corrosive industries such as: ceramic, paper, printing and dyeing factories, steel industries, and salt production industries. UPVC roofing sheets are a better alternative to steel roof tiles in UAE. For more information about technical specifications of the sheets and roof panels’ prices; 


Please contact us: contact us: +98 912 962 9521

Steel Roof Tiles in UAE, Sharjah:




In which countries are our roof sheets supplied?

We ship our high quality roof and cladding products to countries like UAE – Dubai, Sharjah, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Armenia, Iran, etc.


What are the best roof materials in UAE?

High quality materials in roofing industry for hot climate places like UAE includes: UPVC roof tiles, steel or aluminum sheets and clay roof tiles. 


What is the most cost-effective roofing material in UAE?

UPVC roofing sheets are the most affordable roof materials in warm places, as they offer the best type of insulation and acoustic ceiling panels. Beside that they are low maintenance and do not cause extra expenses for the roof.


What are the disadvantages of metal roof tiles? – Steel Roof Tiles in UAE 

In rainy days, metal roofs cannot absorb the sound and are quite noisy. Metal roofing price is much higher compared to other roofing materials. Metals contain a high percentage of iron. It speeds up the process of oxidation and aging of the roof gradually. Hence it needs painting every few years and this causes extra costs. Metal roofs can rust easily especially in coastal areas.


What are the main disadvantages of metal roof tiles in UAE? 

Although metals are fire proof roofing sheets, in hot weather might not be the best choice. Heat can make them expand as cold can cause contraction and make problems in its fasteners.