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How to install uPVC roof sheets

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How to install uPVC roof sheets


How to install uPVC roof sheets

                                               How to install uPVC roof sheets correctly



 install uPVC roof :Light weight and easy installation of uPVC roof sheets can help save time of implementation of these roof coverings. Length of sheets can be customized. Our factory will cut the upvc panels to your desired length.


How to lift uPVC roof tiles?

While lifting uPVC sheets, make sure they do not exceed 20 pieces. While transferring to the roof, keep them flat.

It is better to lift the tiles at 3 or more points. Flat steel bars create a better balance.


How to install UPVC roof panels correctly?

Starting from the edge of the roof, at least one wave must be overlapped in lateral direction.

lengthwise overlapping is recommended to be 20-40 cm. if the roof slope is less than 20 degrees, overlapping must be at least 40 cm. to fix the sheets, for each 6 waves, at least 4 screws must be tightened crosswise.



UPVC Installation procedure of the top ridge tile

Two-slope roof installation, should start from 2 slopes simultaneously, so that the tiles be kept at the same direction. Top- ridge tile should be installed on the ridge line. When you made sure the overlapping is correct, fix the tapping screws.  U-screws should only be fixed on the wave.

Our upvc roof panels have waterproofing tools and accessories which is very important for installation.


Important considerations when fixing the screws

  • Make sure to drill the roof sheets. (Not the purlin).
  • Do not overtighten the screws and do not put them under excessive pressure, otherwise uPVC sheets will bend or cause crack.
  • Tapping screws must not be fixed too loose, or the roof will penetrate.
  • Screws can only be fixed above the purlin, otherwise it might break the sheets.
  • It is advised to fix 6 screws per square meter.


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Application of uPVC roof sheets

Upvc roof sheets are mainly used in pitched roofs and wall cladding for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Like a house and villa, factory, warehouse, parking lot and awning.

Due to the anti-corrosion features of upvc sheets, it is best recommended for the areas with high humidity and chemical vapors, for instance, food or chemical factories, (wood & paper industries, fish farming, etc. ), farming industries (i.e. poultry, cattle farm, etc.).

Upvc roof sheets are being widely used and recommended as a better alternative to steel sheets.