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Flat Roof Coating; 5 of the best coatings for flat roofs

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Flat Roof Coating; 5 of the best coatings for flat roofs

What is the benefit of roof coating for flat or low sloped roofs? These coverings are used as protection to prevent from leaking, UV rays, wind, dirt, etc.

Maybe right now you are planning to replace your roof; but hold on until you read this article because there are some flat roof coating options that can stick to your roof without removing the old one. Therefore by saving more money they can make your roof more energy efficient and provide longer lifespan



flat roof coating

Why should I buy coating for my flat roof?

The real purpose of roof coating is to fix damaged roof and fill its cracks – it is usually done by infrared roof inspection to see if there is any wet insulation beneath the membrane – and create integrity and watertight surface to protect against leaks, pooling, expansion and contraction of the roof, etc.



Best coatings for flat roofs

Here we are going to review 5 types of coatings for flat roofs.



UPVC flat roof coating 

UPVC flat roof coating



UPVC coatings have resolved many issues of PVC roofing membrane. Due to PVC plastic materials; high flexibility, low resistance to temperature fluctuation and chemicals often occur which uPVC roof coverings have solved these problems in different type of roofs.

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), unlike PVC coatings do not allow roof discoloration caused by UV exposure.  Due to its excellent overlapping and waterproof features, it is one of the best sealants to stop flat roof leaks.

For more information on UPVC roof coating products at Sepidfam Varna Company; please contact our experts.

Flat roof coating of uPVC has the average lifespan between of 40 – 50 years.




Urethane (polyurethane) is one of the strongest roof coatings against extreme weather, leaks, and foot traffic. This durable polymer coating is UV stable flexible and does not puncture easily.  Hot and cold temperature do not impact on urethane coverings – compared to the other roof coatings.

Having excellent features, polyurethane coatings have some issues on flat roofs: such as its unpleasant and strong odor – especially for the residents. HVAC system can be installed inside the building to circulate and refresh the air.

Aliphatic and aromatic urethane coatings are 2 of its kind for the flat roofs. Aromatic is cheaper but not very strong against UV – compared to Aliphatic but can be used as base coating in flat roofs.

Life expectancy of polyurethane is up to 20 years.


Silicone coating for flat roof

Silicone coating for flat roof

Silicone roof coatings are a brand new waterproof membrane liquid applied to the existing roof. It has a good protection layer against leaks. Its white color reflects UV rays and can cut your cooling costs up to 35 percent. Despite all the pros, silicon coatings have some drawback too. It cannot be applied to all kinds of roof as it does not adhere to all kinds of materials. They work best on metal and bitumen roofs.

Another issue with silicone coating on flat roofs is that: it can be very slippery once it’s installed and having slippery material on your roof that needs to be walked on can be dangerous.

Another disadvantage of silicone covering is that it is bright white and is sticky; so dirt and leaves can get stuck in it and make your roof appear dirty.

Silicone coatings for flat roofs have the lifespan of 20 years.






Acrylic flat roof coating

Acrylic flat roof coating


Flame resistant, easy installation, UV protective layer and cost effective are some of the good features – for encouraging homeowners to buy Acrylic coating for flat roofs. Although the process of installation is easy, it must be done at the certain temperature.

Since acrylic coatings are susceptible to damage in cold and hot weather; the coating must be installed in the temperature of at least 50°F so that coatings adhere properly to the flat roof.

Acrylic coatings for flat roofs usually last up to 20 years.



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Elastomeric roof coating

Elastomeric roof coating flat or sloped


When elastomeric coating is applied to your flat you can be sure no leaks will occur. It is a great barrier against high winds, rain and snow. Low- maintenance roof with easy installation that can easily repair and be repaired.

Thickness plays an important role when it comes to protection of the roof. If elastomeric covering is installed as a thin layer; the moisture absorption may not let it adhere properly which lead to early damage and replacement.

Depending on the thickness and material; elastomeric coatings for your flat roof can last 15 – 20 years.






Which roof covering materials last the longest?

How long does flat roof coating last?

Besides the material, the cost and thickness of the coatings determine the durability and lifespan. For instance if you want a 20 year old warranty for silicone coatings, you need a 30 millimeter thickness.


Elastomeric roof coating

What are the best materials to waterproof flat roofs?

Every homeowner knows well that a fully waterproof flat roof needs an effective coating.

Leaks occur especially in flat roofs and in the cold months of the year. A small amount of it can progress quickly and cause great damage to your house roof. That is why knowing the best coatings for waterproofing your flat roofs; can save money and brings you relief.




Best flat roof coatings to waterproof your rooftop:


With the emergence of new materials like rubber and uPVC, you no longer need coatings such as glass wool or tar for your flat roof. Because they cause problems for both the environment and human health.

Best flat roof coatings to waterproof your rooftop

Here are the most effective coatings that are good sealants for your flat roofs:


  • Liquid rubber
  • TPO membrane
  • UPVC roof panels
  • EPDM roof membrane





Cost of flat roof coating

How much do they cost? There are several factors that impact the cost of roof coatings and installing. It depends on the amount of repairs, location and size of your roof, number of flashings and curbs, etc.

Season or time of coating is also a big factor because prices do fluctuate and are not fixed. But generally speaking acrylic and asphalt materials are among the cheapest coatings for flat roofs.

Is it different with sloping roofs?

UPVC, acrylic, silicon, urethane and elastomeric coatings can all be used for both sloped and flat roof.

Among those, acrylic and uPVC materials with excellent features are the best choices for both low and high-sloped roofs.



Sepidfam Varna UPVC roof and wall cladding supplier in Iran

If you are looking to replace or even buy new coating for your flat roof; you don’t need to worry about removing it first. We make your old roof look new and beautiful by sticking an effective uPVC coating according to the amount of roof damage.

Some of the advantages of UPVC cost-effective coverings for flat and sloping roofs are: colorful coatings, anti-rust and anti-corrosion- especially for houses by the sea- light, beautiful, cheap material with low infrastructure costs. They do not need any extra insulation coatings as they are self-sufficient and effective.


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FAQs flat roof coating


What is the cheapest flat roof coating?

Bitumen, liquid rubber and asphalt are the least expensive roof coating materials.


How durable is UPVC panel as a flat and sloping roof covering?

Long lifespan, light weight and cheap price, are important specifications of uPVC roof coatings. Anti-UV, chemical and impact-resistant features of upvc, have made it one of the most durable coatings for flat and sloped roofs.  It lasts 40-50 years.


What is the most important advantage of UPVC roof coating for rooftops?

By installing waterproof UPVC roof coating; you will be safe from roof leaks, color fading, extreme heat and cold, roof repair and replacement.