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Best Roof Coatings for Flat Roof Houses + Pros & Cons of flat roofs

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Best Roof Coatings for Flat Roof Houses + Pros & Cons of flat roofs

Although a flat roof design is not always the best choice, but if you plan to use your flat roof as greenhouses, patios and recreational spaces, then it might be a good option. To achieve that, you need to know the best coatings for flat roof houses.

coatings for flat roof houses

Flat roofs have some disadvantages you need to consider first – before buying or building one – and if you are wondering what coatings for flat roof houses are the best, you came to the right place. The information in this article will help you choose the best covering materials on your roof.


What are the best roof coatings for flat roof houses?

There might be other options, but we introduce here 3 materials which are proved to be the best coatings for flat roof houses:


UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride

UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride)

UPVC is the best material for building flat roofs. Why?

This material is the best flat roof sealant; Due to the long wave of the sheets, overlapping and sealing of the roof sheets is done very well, and leaks and damp cannot enter into the roof. UPVC sheet is an anti-corrosion and anti-rust material and the best covering in the flat roof houses, which is very popular in coastal and humid areas.

It doesn’t matter how hot your area is, Because UPVC panels can resist the temperature above 70 degree.

The color of the roof sheets does not fade due to harsh weather. Although they are lightweight and flexible but have great anti impact properties.

UPVC flat roof coatings can last 40 to 50 years and they make the most maintenance free coatings for flat roof houses.

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

This is a single-ply membrane roofing. EPDM rubber coating is made of recycled rubber materials. There are pure EPDMs with a rubber base and composite materials. Surface layer is rubber, and the lower part is flexible bitumen-polymer.

EPDM is flexible and elastic and can handle temperature changes well. It also has lower price compared to other membranes.

EPDMs are resistant to UV and provide good insulation. It is one of the best coatings for flat roof houses but has some drawbacks too. One is the leakage. This might happen if they are not installed properly. Also shrinkage may occur and the coatings can begin to crack after some years. Besides, they can be torn or punctured, even during installation.

GRP Fibreglass (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

GRP Fibreglass (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

Made from a polyester resin and reinforced with glass fiber. It is a one of the best composites coatings for flat roof houses.

GPRs have good insulation & waterproofing properties. But in most cases they are a good covering for hot weather rather than cold. They are relatively expensive and can be noisy in the rain.


What Are the Flat Roof Houses Pros & Cons?



  • Need less construction materials

The process of building and implementing is simpler. They require fewer construction materials, including insulation coatings for flat roof houses. But for gable roofs in order to be more stable and resistant they need extra support in their infrastructures such as truss and rafter.

  • More space on top

Coatings for flat roof houses allow your rooftop to add patio, garden or some recreational spaces – where you can barely build on a gable roof due to their limited amount of space.

coatings for flat roof houses

  • Quicker installation & Simpler Design

Because flat roofs have a simpler design, their construction and installation is also faster and easier. Besides, as there is no steep here, so you can easily walk on the roof, and there is no danger of falling either.


  • No worries for heavy wind

Unlike pitched roofs – where steep is a risky place for heavy winds and fire – in flat roofs there is not any overhang to make it dangerous on stormy days.

coatings for flat roof houses



  • Poor Drainage System

Flat roofs will leak sooner or later and you have to expect that. Not that the pitched roofs won’t, but as water – of rain and snow – can accumulate on the coatings of flat roofs, so the risk of damp and pressure goes higher – compared to sloped roofs where the flow of water is easily directed downwards and makes the roof dry faster.


  • Require more maintenance and repairs

coatings for flat roof housesAs mentioned above, there is no natural runoff on flat roof cover. So when damp and leakage happen, the coatings for flat roof houses require more repairs & maintenance. Therefore Flat roof replacement cost may be another big drawback of flat roof houses – where does not happen quite often in gable roofs.


  • Exposure to sunlight and heat

Flat roof designs are in direct exposure of heat and solar rays – especially in summer. That is due to the even surface of the rooftop which absorbs more energy and UV rays – That is why sloped roof designs are more practical and popular.

The constant bombardment of sunlight on the roof will lower the quality of the coatings for flat roof houses and increase the maintenance costs.


Sepidfam Varna – first manufacturer of UPVC coatings for flat roofs in Irancoatings for flat roof houses

UPVC sheets are highly resistant to UV light. They are soundproof, waterproof and heatproof. Chemicals, acid, and alkali do not affect them.

UPVC is a roof tile, it is not a membrane. It is one of the best coatings for flat roofs, gable & curved roofs. We also manufacture uPVC wall claddings and sandwich panels.

If you are seeking a long-lasting, flexible covering for your flat roof which can permanently work for you – with the least cost of repair – UPVC sheet is the one for you.

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What Are the Modern Coatings for Flat Roof Houses?

Best residential flat roof coatings are UPVC, PVC, EPDM, and GRP. Among them, UPVC sheet is the best material for covering flat roofs – due to its proper overlapping and good waterproofing, best thermal insulation and UV protection features that makes your flat roof cool in summer.


What are the Main drawbacks of Flat Roof Designs?

Drainage problems, unprotected exposure to UV rays, high ratio of repairs & maintenance.


What are the Best Materials for Insulating a Flat Roof?

Some of best options for flat roof insulation can be: elastomeric foam in UPVC sheets, polystyrene, mineral wool, Polyiso insulation, Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) & Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).


What are the longest lasting coatings for flat roof houses?

UPVC (Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) & Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) are the longest-lasting flat roof materials. They are resistant to most extreme weather conditions they provide good sealant. You do not need to replace them for a long time as they can last 40 – 50 years.