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Best roof and wall building material for your structure

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Best roof and wall building material for your structure

There are many roof and wall options to choose from. But not many when you choose to buy the best building roof material. Although clay, stone, concrete, PVC and UPVC are among the best and most common roof construction options; ultimately the design, location and requirements of your building will determine the best type of roof and wall material.

 building roof material

In this article we will explore strongest, and the most lightweight and durable roof and wall building material for your residential or industrial construction.



What are the best building roof materials?

For your house construction or building, you need to know the best types of roof and wall material. The cladding might not be one type. You can choose the combination of some materials to balance your budget and lower the cost – for instance choosing lightweight roof sheets. Another reason can be due to reinforcing the structures by adding some strong and durable materials. For whatever reason you want to use different types of coverings, here are some of the best roofing and wall construction materials for your building.


  1. Concrete


Concrete is commonly used for building foundations and slabs. But there are other other types of applications you can use. Being made of sand, stone, cement and water, concrete is durable and strong. It can handle the weight of your structure’s foundation and last long. You can combine it with steel rebar and make an even stronger finish. As a roof tile material, concrete is heavy and need the building to be reinforced – if it cannot handle the weight.  Another drawbacks of concrete is its color fading when exposed to UV rays. It is fragile too and the tiles can crack due to foot traffic or branch falling. After all it is not that kind of modern cladding you are looking for.



  1. Stone


Heaviness and high price of building stones has not been able to reduce the popularity of making these beautiful and stylish materials for your wall cladding. Stone coated metal roofing is one of the most popular and beautiful coverage used in modern construction. At the same time we should not forget about its regular maintenance. Although it happens specifically when exposed to harsh sunlight but building your roof with stone material can reflect the heat away and protect inside of your house – Hence lower your energy costs.


  1. PVC roof building material

PVC roof building material

Polyvinyl Chloride is used as membranes in roofing construction. It is a synthetic polymer plastic. This single-ply membrane is a roofing material that can be used for both a commercial and residential structures. Although PVC roofing has a good resistant against heat and UV exposure, but needs to be reinforced in very cold weather. Another drawbacks of PVC is that it only can be used for low sloping and flat roofs – not in high pitched roofs. PVC is an easy to install, cost-effective building material for your roof and lasts between 15 – 20 years.


  1. UPVC


Unplasticized polyvinyl Chloride is a rigid PVC, durable and flexible at the same time. This material is commonly used for pipes, frames of windows and doors. That is why it is very strong and can last up to 50 years. UPVC is a cost effective thermoplastic construction material used in roof and wall building. In our Company – Sepidfam Varna – we have categorized variety of UPVC roof and wall sheet colors and thickness based on different budgets. For more info visit our site and feel free to ask any questions.


  1. Onduline roof building material

 Onduline roof building material


Onduline is a synthetic roof material for your building which is made from cellulose fibers – made from recycled paper and pulp wood. It is also a combination of resin, asphalt and mineral additives and many more which makes a strong and durable roof construction material. Besides all that Onduline is a lightweight roof sheet that can reduce noise such as rain or hail – Unlike metal roofs.

At the same time you may face some problems with onduline, too. For example it is not the best leak-free roof material to build and the color can easily fade away. You may see some sagging areas with onduline roofing, too. But we can resolve it by choosing UPVC onduline. It has all amazing features of UPVC and at the same time the exact look of a beautiful coating. Therefore you will not see your roof leak or corrode. Because you are building it under the power of UPVC anticorrosion and antileakage roof sheet material. For more information please contact our team at Varna Company.




How building UPVC roof and wall material can be cost-effective?


How building UPVC roof and wall material can be cost-effective?


There is a reason why the new generation of UPVC sheets have quickly replaced traditional, heavy and expensive coatings. At the same time, the material used in roof building is light and strong. It does not require maintenance, and it will stand out on the roof of your house for years without leakage or corrosion. That is the reason why this coating can be an affordable material for your roof structure.


What is the low-cost roof construction material?

Only a strong synthetic thermoplastic material which is lightweight, easy to transport, install and low-maintenance roof that can lower the cost of your construction. The same goes for the wall cladding. You do not need to search much, as UPVC roof and wall construction is the most lightweight and durable material among many other construction coatings.

Our product is waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti rust that considered to be the best material for roof building in humid places or villas.

You can order our cost-effective UPVC roof and wall sheets with fast delivery and best price, today. Feel free to ask questions:


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