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5 Carport Roof Materials for hot and cold weather

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5 Carport Roof Materials for hot and cold weather

Without knowing the best carport roof materials, you will miss new ones and you may regret later why you have not contemplated the possibilities. Here we are to clarify and introduce the best roofs for car shelters.

Flat roofs have been a common way of building carports, so far. But nowadays, with advance of technology and emerge of new roof designs, we see the construction of lightweight sloping roofs with new designs and materials for carport and awnings. If you want to know what is the right roof design and roof materials for your carport, in heat and cold, we have some tips here so that you buy the best car roof coverings that last for longer period of times.

carport roof materials


Most common Types of carport roofs by shapes & designs

Before introducing the best materials for carport, you might want to know what roof models are more common for carports. Here they are:


Flat roof carport

Flat roof carport

Flat roofs do not have a special design and complexity. So they are quickly made and installed. For those who are worried about roof moisture and rain exit from their carport roof, skillion or single slope roofs are better options.

Flat roofs


skillion roof for car



Pitched roof carport materials

Pitched roof carport materials

New carport designs are moving towards variety and are less often seen in the form of flat roofs. For the simple reason of drainage and longer lifespan of the gable roofs in carports and awnings.


Barrel or curved roof


Barrel or curved roof


Building a car shelter in form of a barrel roofs concentrates more on aesthetic than durability. Typically they are more wind-resistant than flat and gable roofs and require low maintenance. Although cost of curved roofing is more than the other two, but often depends on height of curve and type of materials used in carport roofing.



Hipped roof car canopy

Hipped roof car canopy

Cost of building hip roofs for carports are more expensive than flat and gable roofs. It has different degree slopes and a good performance in extreme winds, rainfall and snow.



Best Carport Roof Materials for hot and cold weather

Here are the most common roof materials for carport.


Poly Carbonate car shade


Poly Carbonate car shade


Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material which is appealing for carport roofs and awnings. It means it is plastic. That is why it can be heated up and change during any installation process including carport installation. But that does not mean they will be melted under sun. They are made up reinforced layers so that can resist extreme heat and not to be damaged.


Pros of PC

PC is transparent and UV resistant in most cases. They are lightweight and stylish and roof fading or discoloration barely happens in theses carport coverings. Polycarbonates also come in variety of different colors and designs.


Cons of PC carport roofing material

Polycarbonate roof materials for carport and canopy also have disadvantages. Most important is its high price. Its price is higher than glass, UPVC and plastic roofs. These stylish and beautiful sheets are not anti-scratch and impact and need care and maintenance. Especially when you intend to walk on, install or repair it.

Another drawback of PC for car shades is that they will change when temperature goes up or down. When exposed to heat they will expand and when it gets cold, it will contract.


UPVC Roof Materials for Carport

UPVC Roof Materials for Carport

UPVC roof for car shelter – Sepidfam Varna


UPVC or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is a hard and durable plastic polymer widely used in the roofing and construction industry. It has a cheaper price compared to metal, plastic, polycarbonate, clay, shingle roofing, has made it popular materials for carport roof and awning in hot and cold weather.



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Pros of uPVC carport roof materials

  • Light weight
  • Self-cleaning roof
  • No need for installing thermal insulation
  • Cooling material for all kinds of car canopies and sheds
  • Anti-corrosion and rust
  • Shockproof cover – don’t worry about running or jumping on it!
  • Low cost of installation and infrastructures
  • Free maintenance roof material
  • Economy price




Cons of uPVC roof sheets for car canopy

  • Lack of moldability at the time of installation (must be cut in factory).
  • Lack of transparency and light transmission



Fiberglass Roofing sheet material (GRPs)


Fiberglass Roofing sheet material (GRPs)




FRP (fiber-reinforced polymers and plastics) or GRPs (glass reinforced plastic); or simply Fiberglass roof panels are lightweight translucent (skylight car roof) sheets. They are mostly used for green shed, terrace and patio. The material is a strong polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass that are more durable than plastic carport roof materials.



Pros of FRP roof materials in carport

  • Works better in cold weather than in heat
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap roof material for carports and canopies
  • Corrugated Fiberglass Roof types are a more durable option for car coverings.






Cons of fiberglass carport covering

Fiberglass sheets are heat absorbers. Although it is considered an advantage as a rooftop of the building in the cold season. But it is not a good material for the roof of carports in extreme heat. Other disadvantages of fiberglass roof materials for carport and shade:


  • They might break when walked on.
  • They must be installed over strong metal frames.
  • In heat, color will yellow and the quality of material decreases in car shelters overtime.
  • FRP sheets are not available in many colors
  • It is lightweight and can be moved easily. But cannot resist high winds and may collapse on carports.
  • It will make noises in rains and hails.



Metal roof for carports (Steel/Aluminum)

Metal roof for carports (Steel/Aluminum)


Beautiful designs and diversity of colors in metal roofs for car are not hidden to anyone. Besides, its good durability against cold and acceptable weight, which is neither heavy nor very light encourage most people to use it as ideal materials for their carport roof and awning – thinking that the coated layer is protective and does not rust. But this point is correct only in normal weather conditions.



  • Durable in strong wind (if the fasteners and screws are properly installed and tightened)
  • Curb appeal
  • Relatively lightweight and flexible for making curved roof carports.


Cons metal carport roof material

Cut edges in metal sheets are the best places for car roof corrosion and rust. Especially if you live in humid or coastal areas.

Therefore, minimum rust on the roof edge of your carport will reduce the quality of roof materials – and after a while you will see the rust and color changes of the metal roofs (galvanized and color coated sheets).


Metal roof for carports (Steel/Aluminum)







Other problems of metal carport roof materials:

  • expand and contract with sudden changes
  • getting warm in hot weather and transferring it to the car
  • making noises in hail and rain
  • Not anti-scratch roof materials for carport due to falling objects or walking on the roof.


Wooden carports

Wooden carports



Due to its beauty and luxury appearance, timber carports may be a popular and widely option among other roofs to some people. However, due to the efficiency, lightweight and durable features of modern materials for car canopies – with easy installation and much lower maintenance costs – the installation of wooden car roofs has lost its popularity to some extent. But for those of you who still focus on beautiful appearance and attractive models of wooden car coverings, here we will discuss its disadvantages and problems.



  • Classical & stylish look
  • Natural Insulation



Cons of wood car shelter

  • must be vemore careful in installing timber sheets
  • Not waterproof
  • Not resistant to moisture and damp
  • High probability of corrosion in wooden materials for carport roof
  • frequent maintenance
  • Higher cost of material for building a carport



What is the Best Roof Material for Carport?



UPVC roof materials for carport – Sepidfam Varna


The most important factors for any carport covers are use of high-quality Wooden carportsmaterial – occupying minimum space in the yard or garage – durability – cooling features of the car roofs in hot weather. If you also agree with us, you have been directed to the right place. The lifespan of anti-corrosion and cooling UPVC sheets for car roofs is almost 50 years.

For more information about the price and types of uPVC materials for car coverings and awnings; please contact Sepidfam Varna: (WhatsApp or Email us):


+98912 0465 839







What roof material does not need sealing for carport?

Unlike metal sheets that need an adhesive tape to be sealed; uPVC carport roofing do not need that. Interlocking sheets and proper overlapping in UPVC panels make it easy – with no extra cost whether in pitched or flat roofs – to be sealed properly.



What material can be used as Anti-UV carport roof?

The most important role of an efficient roof is to prevent the UV rays of sun and discoloration of the car. Due to the PU coating in uPVC roof materials, they prevent any harmful effects caused by UV light on your car.


What roof thickness can make the best car shelters?

More thickness does not necessarily mean more protection. It depends on the material used in the roof of your carport. In Varna Company, UPVC sheets are available from 2 mm to 5 mm thickness – Depending on the harshness of the weather in your area – 2 to 3 mm sheets are advised for car shelters.


What is the alternative roof material to Timber Frame Carport?

If you live in coastal areas – where there is high humidity – or very hot places where there is a high risk of fire; the best alternative to wooden roofs and car shelters is buying UPVC material from Spidfam Varna Co. Please contact us for consultant and latest price.