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Wood Shingle Roof Pros and Cons & the Best Alternative

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Wood Shingle Roof Pros and Cons & the Best Alternative


Wood Shingle Roof





Wood Shingle Roofs have become less popular in recent years; one reason can be for the development of new generations of light and durable roofing materials on the market. However, some owners still tend to choose the natural look of real woods. If you are one of these nature-loving people, join us in this article to know more about the Pros and Cons of wooden roofing.

Wood Shingle Roof Pros and Cons & the Best Alternative

What is a Wood shingle roof?


The term shingle roofing refers to installation of the tiles on a sloped roof. Shingle roof materials are installed in an overlapping style from the bottom to the top of the roof.

Wood shingle roofs mostly are used for traditional and rustic themes. They have smooth and flat surface and can make shadows and bright colors with natural textures of wood.



Difference between Wood Shingle Roof & Wood Shake Roof?

Wood roofing are in 2 types:  wood shingles & wood shakes.


While many people are still using wood shingle roof and wood shake roof interchangeably; they have quite some differences that you might not have noticed when you walked through your neighborhood.

Wood shingles have smoother and flatter appearance. They are sawn on both sides and are thinner at the butt end. They fit better on sidings and exterior of the house due to its uniform appearance. The shingles are uniform because they are typically made by machines.

Wood Shingle Roof

Wood shakes on the other hand are typically thicker than wood shingles. They have thick and rugged textured appearance with more depth and dimension. Wood shakes are more unique as they are handmade instead of manufacturing by machines. That is why they are different in size, thickness, and texture


Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Shingles

Wood Shingle Roof

Here are some of the most important benefits and drawbacks of wood shingle roofing you need to know before installing them on your house.


Pros of wood shingle roofs

Resistant to Impact

Wood shakes have a Class 4 impact resistance rating and are durable enough to walk on your roof without fear of breaking or damaging them.


Natural Beauty

The facade of natural wood in the sidings or roof of your house is one of the most beautiful sights of nature; which refreshes souls of individuals. Woods are natural and recyclable materials that not only pose no danger to the environment, but also increase the attraction and beauty of your home.


Insulation & Energy savings

Wood Shingle are poor conductor of heat, so they are excellent insulators. A wooden roof will keep your house cooler in hot months and warmer in cold days -So that you can save money on your energy bill.



Cons of wood shingle roofing 

Wood Shingle Roof



One of the main disadvantage of wood shingle roof is that: it’s quite heavy and when it is used for the roof of the house, the weight of the whole building will increase. This is the main drawback of timber roof or wooden ceiling roof that we should keep in mind.



Connecting the roof shakes or shingles together is very important. If the wood shingles are not properly connected, they will separate after a short time. This is very dangerous and may cause serious damage to the environment and the residents.




Pros of wood shingle roofsOne-way installation

The method of connecting the wood shingles on the roof is such that it cannot be undone. Therefore, after installation, they cannot be easily changed or displaced.



Another Cons of wood shingle roofs is that they are not resistant to insects and rodents and are easily corroded. Therefore, using wood shakes in places favored by insects such as termites, will speed up the process of rotting and corrosion of these wood shingles.



Wood is a flammable material and it catches fire very quickly. Therefore, if a fire starts in this environment, wooden roof shingle will be destroyed completely.

Pros of wood shingle roofs


As wood is highly susceptible to water, the quality of your wood shingle roof must have a good resistance to moisture and damp. If low quality wood is used for the roof, the wood shakes will deteriorate easily.


Wood shingle Roof Price

Since wood timber is expensive, using it for a wooden roof will also cost a lot. To solve this problem, only some parts of the roof can be covered with wood and other areas need to be coated by other high quality roof materials.

Wood Shingle Roof



Wood shingle roofs or wood shakes are not as durable as UPVC and Clay tiles and they are very difficult to maintain. However, if properly installed & maintained, they can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years.



Since moisture, mold or mildew are a regular issue in timber roof structures; any wood roofing requires frequent maintenance which can cost a lot of money.




Best Alternative for Wooden Roof


Pros of wood shingle roofs

UPVC roof sheets are a new generation of an anti-corrosion & rust roofing materials (unlike metal and wood shingle roofs). Here are some of the main advantages of uPVC roof shingles which encourage us to try at least once:



Advantages of UPVC tiles on wooden roof shingles


  • No-Leak Guarantee in uPVC tiles (if installed properly) – but wooden roofs can crack and split over time.


  • The color of wood shakes or shingles on the roof will fade away due to harsh weather; whereas in uPVC roof tiles we have not faced discoloration or faded look in 40 years, so far.


  • Due to the material of uPVC sheets and the proper overlapping of the tiles – no matter how the climate is – no mold or mildew grows in it. But in wooden ceilings or wood shingles moisture can be retained and lead to rot and roof damage.


  • Despite all the remarkable advantages of UPVC sheets, their cheaper price is very impressive. The average cost of a wood shingle roof per square is around $800 to $900. Installing cedar shake roof is even more than that.


  • No need for extra insulation – as uPVC tiles provides the necessary insulation without any additional cost for the process such as mineral wool or glass wool, etc.


  • UPVC fasteners and roof sheet profiles do not rust or corrode. Therefore, they keep the roof strong and safe in the harshest weather conditions. 

Wood Shingle Roof

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What is the life expectancy of Wood shingle roof?

The lifespan of wood roofs are up to 30 years. This length of time belongs to cedar roofs – since they have the highest resistance to rot and insects compared to other wood roofing types.


What are the main Types of wood roofs?

Wallab shingles, composite roofs, pine shakes, cedar shakes, cedar and teak shingles.


What is the main advantage of uPVC roof over wood shakes?

UPVC panels unlike Wood Shingle Roofs are not prone to insects, fire or moisture. Its solid and durable material – Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride – is hydrophobic and resistant to moisture, vermin and flame.