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The perspective of organizational developments of Sepid Fam Varna Company

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The perspective of organizational developments of Sepid Fam Varna Company

Organizational transformation is a complex strategy to change the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of the organization. So that these factors can better adapt themselves to new technologies, markets, and challenges, as well as the speed of change in conditions and environment.


For this purpose, increasing compatibility between structures, processes, strategy, people, and organizational culture, creating and developing new and creative solutions in the organization, and developing the ability to renew oneself in the organization seems necessary. Its ultimate goal is organizational effectiveness and individual improvement.

In this regard, organizations in which people continuously develop their talents to create desirable results, and use their talents and abilities for personal growth and organizational success, certainly have a better outcome.

Like other learning organizations, Sepid Fam Varna is a pioneer in this field and by examining domestic markets, and using marketing research teams, it has tried to identify its strengths and weaknesses and adapt itself to environmental opportunities and threats. In order to be able to overcome the deficiency of existing products in this industry by providing products that meet the needs of customers.

Another principle that is considered in organizational transformation is participation and empowerment.

Participating in the organization’s transformation plans is not limited to people at the organization’s top level, but should be widely spread throughout the organization. Collaboration is a powerful elixir,  people love it, and it significantly improves individual and organizational performance, which will eventually lead to organizational agility.

Sepid Fam Varna Company has also tried to improve the empowerment of its internal forces by following this principle, with the participation of people within the organization and training plans. The use of training courses for sales forces, and digital marketing plans for people active in the field, has tried to provide better efficiency to achieve their goals and create an actual picture of the organization’s prospects.

The next step that Sepid Fam Varna has taken in its transformation plans is to analyze the differences. It means checking the distance between where we are now and where we want to be. In fact, they define and specify the differences, problems, issues, and goals.

It is necessary to study and review the current situation, diagnosis, planning, and action.

The managers of Sepidfam Varna Company are not oblivious to this and by examining the differences between the current situation and the desired situation, they take action to resolve these differences so that they can witness the best organizational performance in their organization.

Responsibility, bright goals, and high responsiveness are the distinctive features of Sepid Fam Varna.

It is hoped that with the careful planning of the managers of this production complex and the perseverance of the active forces, we will be able to witness an important step in advancing the organization goals.

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