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Gable Roof, Pitched Roof

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Gable Roof, Pitched Roof

During recent years, engineers working in construction industries have tried to introduce various designs for pitched roofs by choosing the right construction system that are energy efficient and environmental friendly as much as possible. Using new gable roofs not only can make your house look more modern, but in some cases it can also save more solar and thermal energy. Pitched roofs especially gable roofs have wide range of applications. Gable roofs are used in cold or humid areas because they do not require snow sweeping or preventing rainfalls. In some cases, gable roofs are merely used as roof coverage or for installation.

Gable Roof

In addition to the above, gable roofs are used in larger structures such as warehouses and industrial buildings because they are more efficient and economical because of saving iron consumption. In general, gable roofs are implemented depending on the structure and material type used in that structure. Building a gable roof may seem more difficult, but building walls that fit it is done easier. Slope degree in used in gable roofs is between 35 to 50 0. Beam and block roofs in addition to increase the weight of the building they do not have positive effect on the façade of rural buildings. Studies show that these beam and block roofs are not economically efficient. Using lightweight roofs for gable roofs in building especially in rural areas in terms of preserving the texture of traditional, architectural structures and in terms of safety are more desirable. Studies also show that the cost of building such structures with gable roofs are 35% cheaper than beam and block roofing. Furthermore, gable roofs are rarely among the house reconstruction projects. But when your house leaks, your attitude may change dramatically. In reconstruction projects the concern is mostly on walls and other materials, but gable roofs are definitely important too. Because not only they protect the rest of the building, but they should also protect it from the intense sunlight and also considerable amount of wind, rain and hail.