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Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheets | Pros and Cons

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Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheets | Pros and Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying corrugated bitumen roof sheets? They come from processing crude oil and organic fibers. These corrugated sheets can often be seen in 4 specific colors. Red, green, black and brown and are great for garden shed, garage and shelter, animal barn, etc. But what makes corrugated bitumen sheets to be practical roof materials and what factors make them not an excellent roof choice?

corrugated bitumen roof sheets




What are bitumen roof sheets made of?

What are bitumen roof sheets made of?

Bitumen, which is used to make roof coating, is also known as asphalt. This material is made from petroleum compounds, which is mostly known for its waterproof impact. The ingredients are completed by adding cellulose fibers. At the final process polymer resins are added to give the corrugated bitumen roof sheets different colors.

Pros and cons of bitumen roofing

Advantages of corrugated bitumen roof sheets

Advantages of corrugated bitumen roof sheets


  • Easy to handle the lightweight of corrugated bitumen roof materials as they are only 5 kg per sheet.
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • They can be installed on almost flat, pitched and even vertical roofs.
  • DIY projects
  • High-tensile strength
  • Easy installation


Disadvantages of corrugated bitumen roof sheets


Disadvantages of corrugated bitumen roof sheets


What are the problems of corrugated bitumen roof sheets?

  • Because asphalt or bitumen roof sheets come in 4 colors— red, green, black, and brown— if installed outdoors, they absorb UV rays and heat and deteriorate more quickly.


  • In addition, these roofs need insulation in their lower layer to prevent heat from entering the roof.


  • Another drawback of corrugated bitumen roofing is their layers. They are offered in 1-ply, 2 or 3. If you use 1-ply – since it does not have enough thickness and strength, cracking may happen – cannot be a protective layer, however thicker layers cost more.



  • Corrugated bitumen sheets are granule coated roofing to be protected by sun rays. But in high heat and hail they can be damaged. So granule loss can be another problems in bitumen sheets that can lead to asphalt deterioration of the roof.


  • Bitumen roofing is sensitive to raining and moisture. So in case of having a flat design and remaining stagnant water, it can damage the roof. Therefor in order to buy best bitumen roof sheets, you need to use high quality coatings and not to forget waterproofing your rooftop.


Best alternatives for corrugated bitumen roof sheets

Best alternatives for corrugated bitumen roof sheets


PVC, UPVC, Aluminum and fiberglass roofs are all lightweight sheets. They can be installed according to the application and weather conditions of your buildings. But if you are looking for durability and strength of your roof structure – in addition to light weight and cheap price – UPVC tiles are undoubtedly the best durable and strong alternative for your roof covering.


Comparison between corrugated bitumen and UPVC roof sheets

  • Without installing an insulation layer under the roof, modified bitumen sheets absorb heat; But UPVC corrugated roofing panels do not need to be insulated.
  • They have a low infrastructure cost and as a result offer more durability for a lower price.


  • Unlike the limited colors of bituminous roof coatings, they are offered in various and beautiful colors.

UPVC roof sheets – Product of Sepidfam Varna Company


UPVC roof sheets – Product of Sepidfam Varna Company

  • UPVC roofing tiles at Sepidfam Varna Company have different thickness – starts from 2 mm up to 5 mm. width are 125 cm and the length can be customized up to 12 meters.


  • Due to having a very low thermal conductivity coefficient, heat transfer from inside the building to outside or heat penetration from outside under uPVC roof is very low.


  • With excellent waterproof properties of uPVC roof coatings, there will be no moisture problems and damage for the roofs.



  • Cheap and low infrastructure costs and the least maintenance and repair expenses make uPVC sheets a much more affordable option than corrugated bitumen roof sheets.
  • Polyurethane coating on UPVC sheets prevents harmful UV rays and damage to the structure of the sheets. As a result, their color is stable and they have a lifespan of more than 40 years.

Exterior roof panels – UPVC sheets at Sepidfam Varna Company

Exterior roof panels – UPVC sheets at Sepidfam Varna Company


For further information about Varna Group uPVC trapezoidal sheets and our sandwich panels; please contact our Consultants/Sales Expert.


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What is the lifespan of corrugated bitumen roofs?

Life expectancy of asphalt bitumen roofs – depending on installation methods, care and maintenance and weather conditions – is usually varies between 10 to 30 years.


What is the standard dimension of bitumen corrugated roof sheets?

Their thickness is 2.6 to 3 mm. (Onduline is 3mm thick). Its width is 95 cm and the height reaches to 2 meters. Each sheet can cover 1.7 square meters of the roof.


How to cut bitumen roof sheets?

Corrugated bitumen sheets are easy to cut and to fit complex roof designs. That is why they can be installed DIY. To cut the bitumen roof sheets you need a fine tooth bladed saw or Stanley knife – preferably use lubricant for smoother and better cut.


Can you walk on bitumen roof sheets?

Although they resist impacts well and have high tensile strength, it is not recommended to walk on the roof. You can use a ladder or boom lift to install, repair or maintenance.


How to prepare corrugated bitumen roof panels for installation?

You can install corrugated roof sheets on both metal and wooden purlins. (Metal or timber trusses). But you need special screws and washers in each case. Depending on your roof pitch, your sheet end lap is different.


What is the price range of corrugated bitumen sheets?

Although the price of corrugated roofing sheets depends on many factors – but to estimate the price – it costs more than metal roofs and less than polycarbonate sheets.

What are the most important advantages of uPVC roofing over bitumen sheets?

Since uPVC roof panels have a lower price than metal sheets – according to the previous answer – the costs of making and installing these roof sheets are also lower than corrugated bitumen materials. UPVC roofing sheets are available in various and beautiful colors with no need for insulation. They are also hydrophobic and have anti-corrosion properties.


What is the life expectancy of UPVC roof coatings?

Sepidfam Varna roofing manufacturer uses the best quality materials and professional roofers to install uPVC tiles. Hence, the lifespan of these roof panels depends only on the environmental conditions of your place. The average lifespan of uPVC roof sheets is 40 – 50 years.