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Concrete roof tiles in Oman

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Concrete roof tiles in Oman

Some homeowners might say “Concrete roof tiles in Oman is a good idea, at least they are one of the cheapest roof types; they are popular, durable and come in different types and…. “But wait a second, it might be right at first glance, but you missed an important truth.

Concrete roof tiles are affordable and have strength but in this article we will shed some light on the whole picture of roofing construction materials and that the beginning is not the ending.

Beside advantages and disadvantages of concrete roofing, we are going to compare them to cement and clay tiles. We will also introduce you the best alternative roof materials for concrete roof tiles in Oman and for other hot climates.

Concrete roof tiles in Oman

How are concrete roof tiles made?

Mix cement, water, sand and fine aggregate and place them in high heat with pressure, and your concrete roof tiles are ready to go. This method makes a lighter weight concrete than those regular and conventional types of concrete roof tiles…

Cement tiles make a better roof or concrete roof tiles?

Concrete tiles are made of cement and other materials. They are much stronger and are used for the exterior of the building – such as roof tiles. Cement is more fragile and it’s better be used for the interior structure.

What are the different shapes or styles of concrete roof tiles in Oman?

Curved tiles, Spanish Styles, flat interlocking and flat shingle roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles in Oman

How to install Concrete roof tiles in Oman?

Here we specifically explain the installation of flat concrete roof tiles in Oman:

  • Firstly, we need a roofing underlay- which is a roofing felt that sits beneath concrete tiles and help them to be placed firmly.
  • Drip Edge installation
  • Install flashing & waterproof sealant
  • Battens & spacing
  • Lay tiles and nail them
  • Capping process

How to keep concrete roofs cooler?

Concrete tile is a dense material – it can retain heat and transfer it into the building. But if you have no other choice but to buy concrete tiles; you can lower the temperature by creating shade on the rooftop – since shades make their surroundings cooler.

Concrete roof tiles in Oman

Maintenance cost of concrete roof tiles in Oman

Roof tiles should not remain damaged. Otherwise, they become worse and the cost of repairs will increase. Replacing old underlayment and damaged tiles and remove the leaks, can cost about $4 to $6 per tile.

Disadvantages and advantages of Concrete roofing?

What are the Pros & cons of concrete roof tiles in Oman – Muscat?

Advantages of concrete roofing tiles

1. Cheap roof tile

Concrete roofing has almost the lowest price among roof materials; however the cost of concrete roof tiles also depends on the types and size of them. The simple types have about half the price of clay roof tiles. The advanced types which are made of wood shingles and slates are usually more expensive. The smaller the roof tiles, the higher their cost will be. That is because more materials, labor and time are required for the installation of the roof.

2. Eco-friendly

Concrete roof tiles are made of natural materials and does not cause chemical pollution. They can be recycled easily with no harm.

3. Energy Efficient

Compared to other roof materials they are a low heat transfer material. It can protect the roof from heat (to some extent) and save money and energy.

4. Fire proof

Some variations of concrete roof tiles in Oman are excellent fire-resistant materials.

Concrete roof tiles in Oman

Disadvantages of concrete roofing tiles

Very heavy – Concrete roof tiles are really heavy. That is why your roof substructure must be prepared and reinforced to handle the additional weight.

Expert roofers – For concrete tiles to be properly installed, you need professional roof contractors. The tools and procedures of installing and repairing concrete roofs are much like clay roof installation & maintenance.

Water absorption – Concrete roof tiles are more susceptible to mildew, lichen and moss – due to absorption of water and moisture. Water also increases the weight of concrete tiles and puts extra pressure on the roof structure – besides its own weight. Due to this problem, concrete roof tiles must be prepared with special sealant to prevent water penetration. This will also increase the cost of installation.

Cost of maintenance – Concrete roof tiles in Oman will certainly face heat and strong wind – i.e. when branches fall on the roof; these tiles have poor resistance to extreme weather. This will break them easily. Therefore some of the tiles may need to be replaced. But then the color matching of the tiles might be difficult; because their colors have been faded due to sun rays. This will increase the level of maintenance.

Brittleness – Although concrete roof tiles are heavy and strong, they are breakable too. Roofers must be very careful when walking on the roof. This becomes especially critical if the tiles are not installed properly.  

Concrete roof tiles in Oman

Price of concrete roof tiles in Oman

Concrete roof tiles cost about $2.00 to $3.00 per tile. But you need to consider the labor and installation, too – which basically depends on the insulators quality, style and size of your roof.

How to clean concrete roof tiles?

Concrete roof tiles need to be washed quite often. Spraying with lukewarm water is the best method. To let them dry faster, you can use broom or brush. Something you need to consider is that: cleaning the tiles should not be done with pressure – washing, as it can damage the concrete tiles.

Concrete roof tiles in Oman

Clay vs Concrete roof tiles in Oman

Pros & Cons of clay roof tiles in hot weather

  • The color of clay tiles are more stable than concrete roofs. Extreme weather cannot change clay roof color as much as concretes. Some owners and manufacturers claim that concrete roof tiles in Oman or in heat, cannot hold its color as well as clay tiles.
  • Both clay and concrete roof tiles are porous and they absorb water – which can lead to stain and crack faster.

What are the alternative to concrete roof tiles in Oman or other hot climates?

One of the best alternatives for concrete roof tiles in Oman or tropical climates; is the group of composite or polymer roofing – synthetic roof tiles. UPVC is one of them. UPVC is an unplasticized PVC (Polyvinyle Chloride).

Although they make a flexible roof sheet, but they are denser & harder than PVC. They can be installed into a curved shape for any kind of roof model.

Concrete roof tiles in Oman

UPVC vs Concrete roof tiles in Oman


1. In uPVC roof sheets, you will not have any issue either in the panels or in the roof substructures. The purlins which the roof panels are placed on are strong, so much so that you need less panels to fill the roofs. This is true, regardless of the weather and country.

2. Compared to concrete roof tiles, uPVC sheets are very lightweight and sustainable. Unlike concretes, uPVC sheets are not porous and do not absorb any water. Therefore there will be no mold, no bacteria, etc.

3. UPVC sheets are self-cleaning roofs. You do not need to pay extra money for washing your roof. But due to algae, moss and dirt which build up on concrete roofs, they need to be regularly washed and cleaned.

4. In concrete roofs, moisture can easily penetrate through the tiles and damage the roof. UPVC tiles, on the contrary, will prevent roofing leaks and water from entering your roofs – Due to its great overlapping and roof sealing.

UPVC Vs concrete roof tiles in Oman & hot climates

5. Thermal conductivity ratio of UPVC roof sheet is 1/5 th of concrete roof tile. The lower the thermal conductivity of the roof tiles, the better. It shows uPVC is a better insulating material for hot climate.

6. The polymer alloy on the first layer of the uPVC sheet protect it from UV damage. Since concrete is an unprotected roof, sun rays can alter the structure of the concrete roof, leading it to crack.

7. Concrete roof tiles are heavy and hard to install. UPVC roof sheets on the other hand are easy to install. They are lightweight and at the same time durable and flexible; suitable for any roof model and shape.

8. UPVC sheet is the least maintenance material for roofing. But due to high heat in Oman and also brittleness of concrete roof tiles, the cost of their repairs and replacement will increase.

9. Concrete roofing tiles might be a durable option but not in their underlayment. The average life of the concrete roof tiles will be  up to 50 years; but the underlayment of concrete roof tiles in Oman will last less than 20 years. This means you may have to replace the tiles every-so-often. This will increase the cost of maintenance of concrete roof tiles.

Concrete roof tiles in Oman

Applications of UPVC roof panel

UPVC roofs and wall panels do not let molds and bacteria penetrate inside the building. Therefore they are used hugely in poultry sheds and cattle farms. Due to their great heat and fire insulation, they are useful for shelters and can be used for car roofs, shades and awnings.

As they are low-maintenance materials they can be used for every roof styles and save your money. With hundreds of other advantages, they are very much affordable and are considered a cost-effective roof.

Concrete roof tiles in Oman

What we offer at Sepidfam Varna Company?

We are the first UPVC roof and wall manufacturer and distributor in Iran. We offer our products in retail and wholesale. Our uPVC sheets are made for both hot & cold climates.

Eco-panels are specifically protecting the structures from cold. Besides, our trapezoidal sheets with excellent heatproof and fire proof features are ready for delivery to warm places: All countries in Middle East & Africa are welcome: wall cladding and roof Suppliers for UAE, Oman, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Kuwait, etc.


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What is the main problem with Concrete roof tiles in hot climate?

Frequent changes in temperature, can cause concrete roofs to crack. In high heat, concrete tiles expand and when gets cold, they contract. But when they do not have enough space to move, that is when they start to break down. UV rays and heat can greatly damage the concrete roof tiles.

How long Concrete roofs last in hot climate?

The lifespan of concrete roof is up to 50 years – if they are installed and cared for, properly. However in hot weather like Oman, concrete roofs’ lifespan can reduce to 40 years or less.

What is the best roof material for hot climate?

UPVC panels are the best type of roofs for extreme summer and winter. It is one of the longest lasting roofing material. The heat insulator & anti-uv layer in uPVC roof sheets guarantee the coolness of the roof and also reflection of the solar radiation.

What is the main advantage of concrete tiles over clay roofs?

The main advantage of concrete tiles compared to clay tiles is their lower price.

Why are uPVC tiles called cool roofs?

UPVC roof sheet, is not only a great solution for hot and dry weather, but it is also an excellent material for other climates. Reflecting sun light and absorbing less solar radiation can save lots of energy and reduce electric bills. This is an important advantage of uPVC roofing.

Is Clay a better replacement for Concrete roofing?

Clay tiles are more durable than concrete tiles, but heavier and more expensive. Clay roofs are also less prone to mold and mildew.

What are the different names for concrete roof tiles?

Marley, Redland, Forticrete and Delta concrete roof tiles.

What are the profile types of concrete roof tiles?

Spanish S or mission S-tiles, double-S shape or villa tiles and flat concrete roof tiles; this one looks more like wood shakes, slates or clay tiles.

Why are uPVC roofs better in Oman than concrete and clay tiles?

Clay and concrete roofs retain heat and transfer it to their surroundings. But UPVC is a cool roof. (Due to its excellent heat insulation & anti-UV material). It reflects more sunlight than clay or concrete roof tiles in Oman. It absorbs less solar radiation and prevent high heat of outside from entering into the building. We recommend a light color (i.e. white) to keep your roof cool with more efficiency in hot weather.