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Concrete Roof Tile in UAE

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Concrete Roof Tile in UAE

What kind of roof tile can be used for hot weather? If you are living in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Then you probably know that concrete roof tile in UAE (the United Arab Emirates); can’t be the best roof material in these hot regions.

Concrete Roof Tile in UAE

May be you are using cement or concrete tiles for your roof and you have had no problem so far. Are you sure the roof you are choosing will not bring extra maintenance costs in near future?

For those people involved so much in their business, even the thought of early maintenance is a bad news. Besides that, what are the other factors you need to know about concrete roof tile in UAE?

What are you going to do with heaviness of the concrete tiles on the roof? Is your roof structure strong enough to support the concrete roof tiles? Is the cost of reinforcing weak substructures of the roof worth it?

UAE is known for having various roof sheets. Let us investigate on concrete roof tiles pros and cons, prices and differences with other roof tiles – roof material comparison to get to a conclusion on choosing the best roof tiles in UAE. (And other hot places).

Clay & Cement & Concrete Roof Tile in UAE

Concrete Roof Tile in UAE

Concrete roofing tiles are sometimes called cement tiles. There are many Cement and Concrete roof tile suppliers in UAE. Although Clay tiles are used quite often for roofing in UAE, but still there are some people who choose concrete tiles as their roof coating. Why? Well, one reason can be the price. Concrete tiles are cheaper than clay tiles – although clay is more durable and lighter than concrete tiles.

In roof construction industry, both concrete and clay tiles are heavy compared to other roof materials; but the weight increases the resistance of tiles against bad weather. Clay and concrete roof tiles are both susceptible to cracking and corrosion.





Problems with Cement / Concrete Roof Tiles

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cement/concrete roof tiles?

Concrete roof tiles are made of cement, water, sand and some aggregates like gravel. Then this mixture is molded under high pressure and heat. Portland cement is widely used in roofing industry.

Although, concrete tiles can be much stronger than cement roof tiles, but both are still susceptible to cracks which are mostly caused by thermal shrinkage. This is due to the evaporation of moisture from the roof and hot weather.

Concrete can be used outdoors in more severe weather; while cement tiles mostly are suitable for interior structures of the buildings.


Concrete Roof Tiles Pros and Cons


Concrete Roof Tile in UAE

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of concrete roof tiles; to help you choose the best roofing system in UAE and every other hot places: But remember the most important factor for a concrete roof tile in UAE is : its resistance to high temperature and preventing heat from coming through roof.

Let us investigate on these factors in this article:



Pros of Concrete Roof Tile

  • fire resistant

Concrete tiles are non-flammable roofing materials. Depending on the type of tile and manufacturer, their fire protection scoring is either grade A or grade B


  • Sustainability

Concrete is an eco-friendly material. It consists of natural and recyclable compounds.

  • Longevity

Concrete roof tile is almost durable and its life expectancy is above 50 years old – if cared and installed correctly.

  • Sound resistant

Thickness and density of concrete roof tiles help them to have a good sound insulation property.




Cons of Concrete Roof Tile

Beside their good benefits for the roof, concrete roof tiles have some disadvantages too.


  • They are heavy

Even clay tiles are almost 40% lighter than concrete tiles. Concrete tiles are heavy materials for roofing. This makes the transportation and installation process more difficult. Besides, the roof itself must be strong enough so that it can endure the heavy loads of concrete tiles.

Concrete Roof Tile in UAE


  • They crack

Concrete tiles may seem to be strong, but if they fall off the roof, or if you walk on them, they typically crack and smash into pieces and can not to be repaired.

  • The color is prone to fading

Another disadvantage of concrete roof tiles is that: over time, the color of the roof will fades away. This leads to early repairs. What makes the color fade away? UV from sunlight, moisture and wind.


  • Not waterproof

Another drawback of concrete tile roofs is that: they are naturally porous and not completely waterproof. This can make the process of deterioration, faster. To help repel water, it is better to use a penetrating concrete sealer for it.


  • Not low maintenance

Although concrete roof tiles are not that expensive but the maintenance of the roof may cost a lot – especially in hot climate like UAE. Replacement of cracked and broken tiles – which happens easily by continuous exposure to sunlight – can increase construction costs.

Concrete Roof Tile in UAE

Concrete Roof Tile Price in UAE

Cost of replacing or buying new concrete roof tile in UAE depends on a few things such as: location (your city), slope, pitch, and size of your home – Also cost of roof installation, etc.

Roof tile price can vary in UAE in 2023. For instance concrete roof tile price in Dubai is not the same as in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.


Tile roof installation cost in Dubai (2023)?

Concrete roof tile price in Dubai is between 2$ to 4$ per square foot. The installation costs between 8$ to 17$.

Concrete Roof tile total cost in UAE is $15.000 to $45.000. (In 2500 sq.ft)


How much is concrete roof tile?

Concrete tile price is typically between $3 to $5 per square foot in 2023. But to know exactly how much a concrete roof tile costs – also the installation costs – there are at least 3 factors that affect concrete roof tile price:


  • Quality of the concrete – concrete roof tiles are usually cheaper that other roofing tiles. But the price depends mostly on compressive strength of the concrete tile. It determines the highest quality, where toughness, durability, water absorption, etc. come with it.


  • Size of the roof – The size of the roof is defined in square feet. The more roof area that needs to be covered; the more workers and time are needed – subsequently it costs you more.


  • Shape of the roof – this one is important since it effects the installation costs. Hip or gambrel or mansard roof? Roof areas where the tiles need to be cut or shaped; increase labor, time and cost.



Why is uPVC Roof Sheet a better alternative to Concrete Roof Tile?

The lightweight UPVC tiles reduce the time of roofing installation. They eliminate the extra infrastructural cost that cement and concrete roof tiles require. Other advantages of uPVC roofing sheets are:


What tiles can be replaced instead of concrete roof tiles?

  • To make your roof cool is the best option for your home if you are living in hot places like UAE. UPVC tile is an excellent insulator. It keeps heat from entering inside your house. Trapezoidal roof sheets, sandwich panel roofs, UPVC roof shingles, etc. are all different types of our upvc roof and wall products.


  • Clay is another option to be used instead of concrete roof tiles; since they are more durable and also lighter than concrete roof tiles – Although clay is more expensive than concrete.







UPVC Tile Roofing sheets in UAE & Middle East

Why uPVC roofing sheet is a better choice in UAE and hot climate?

Because uPVC roof tiles are light weight and durable. They have excellent heat insulator – it helps you save more money and reduces your energy costs. UPVC roofing materials have no maintenance or low maintenance- compared to concrete roof tile in UAE which are heavy and need more repairs.


UPVC roof tiles VS concrete roof tile in UAE, which one is better?



  • Most important comparison on these 2 roof tiles is about their resistance to extreme heat and UV. Due to anti- UV material in the first layer of uPVC roof tile, the color of the sheets will not fade – Unlike concrete roof tile that during harsh climate in UAE, will shatter and change color.


  • Excellent thermal insulation of uPVC roof tiles. While UPVC sheets are an excellent heat and energy insulator; hot can pass through concrete roof tiles easily. Thermal changes and loss of moisture from the cement paste, both can cause it to crack.



  • Since concrete roof tiles have a tendency to absorb water; they are susceptible to rust and corrosion. Whereas UPVC roof tile is a solution for corrosion in roofing industry and will never rust or shatter.


  • The heavy weight of concrete has a negative effect on the installation of tile on the roof. Whereas uPVC roof tiles are lightweight and easy to install.


  • While Concrete tiles are breakable, uPVC roof sheets are known for their anti-impact feature. Thanks to unplasticized polyvinyl chloride material which makes it flexible – at the same time strong enough so that it cannot break or crack easily.

  • Roof Tile provider in UAE, Dubai and nearby countries

We are uPVC roof tile supplier in Middle East: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Iran, etc. We manufacture high quality building construction materials such as durable uPVC wall cladding and roof tiles – under “Poly Roof Erika” brand at Sepidfam Varna Company – which guarantees beauty, efficiency and longevity in the Middle East.



Advantages of uPVC roof tiles at Sepidfam Varna Company

As uPVC roof tile supplier in UAE, we have always tried to manufacture the best energy-efficient building materials for houses. These are the excellent features in our products – to everyone who is using concrete roof tile in UAE or some similar materials like concrete – we suggest to try this unique product, why? because we manufacture:


  • Non-flammable roofing and cladding materials
  • Excellent Sound insulation materials for walls and roofs
  • Best heat insulation for roofs and walls
  • High quality ceiling tiles
  • High UV resistant roofs
  • Roofs with no leakage ( due to complete overlapping )
  • Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion roofing sheets
  • Best roof coating with no fading materials
  • Unbreakable roof tiles: you can jump on uPVC roof or throw a heavy metal ball at it – still remains intact.
  • Most cost-effective roofing materials
  • Roofing & cladding products with warranty
  • Environmental friendly materials


Best Roofing Tiles Manufacturer and supplier in UAE & Middle East:

Sepidfam Varna Roofing & Cladding

A qualified supplier and manufacturer of uPVC Roof Tiles in: UAE, Sharjah, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Iran, Armenia, etc.


For more information about uPVC roof tiles price list, please contact us:

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How much is concrete roof tile price in 2023?

  • The average cost of a concrete roof tile in 2023 (100 square feet) is about $300 to $800.
  • A concrete roof tile per square foot costs about 3$ to 7$. (Installation NOT included).
  • A concrete roof tile per square foot costs about 15 $. (Installation included).


What types of roofs can replace the concrete roof tile in UAE?

  • UPVC roof sheets
  • Glazed clay roof tiles
  • Rubber roof or EPDM membrane
  • Green Roofs (as plants can reduce heat absorption on the roof).


What are the most common roofing tiles in UAE?

  • Clay roof tiles
  • UPVC roofing sheet
  • Italian & Portuguese roof tiles
  • Stone coated steel roofing


How Long Do Concrete Roof Tiles Last?

Proper fixing helps to Increase its life expectancy. The lifespan of concrete tile roof will mostly depend on quality of concrete material – Also how well it is installed. Therefore Concrete tile roofers and the owners need to care for the tiles on installation/repair time. This way concrete roof tiles lifespan can be more than 50 years.


What is the main Disadvantage of concrete roof tile in UAE?

Tile expansion. Concrete roof tiles can expand when exposed to high temperature in warm climates such as Dubai, UAE.

Thermal expansion of concrete tiles will push against anything in their way. The force applied on the tiles can cause them to crack.


Are concrete roofs loud in rain?

No. Concrete or Cement roof tiles are quite in rainy days.


Are uPVC roof tiles, fireproof?

Absolutely. Why UPVC sheets are non-flammable and non-combustible roof tiles?

Fire resistant roofing material is an important topic in hot climate. UPVC is inherently fire retardant and self-extinguishing material. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) is a hard version of plastic. It is a kind of polymer or a rigid PVC.

It includes 50% chlorine in its ingredients which makes it fight against fire. This is another great advantage of choosing a fire resistant roof tile in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) – as well as Oman, Qatar, Armenia, etc.