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Advantages and Disadvantages of UPVC Gable Roofs

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Advantages and Disadvantages of UPVC Gable Roofs 

Gable roofs are also called pitched or peaked roofs. Does the type of roof tiles or sheets matter in making a durable and affordable pitched roof? What are UPVC gable roofs and how do they resolve the problems of other roof materials?

In this article, we are going to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of gable roofs and compare them with flat roofs. Also we will introduce uPVC tiles as new generation of lightweight, cheap and durable roof sheets.

Gable roof

Pros and Cons of UPVC gable roofs

What are uPVC gable roofs advantages & disadvantages compared to flat roofs?


  1. Quick drainage  of water & longer lifespan

Since gable roofs have steep, they automatically act as a strong drainage system. This makes the snow and rain water fall down faster and prevent from causing any damage to the roof.

  • Additional space & better ventilation

Gable roofs make better ventilation for the whole house. In addition, it creates more space, which can be used as an attic.

Gable roofs

Pitched roofs have lower maintenance costs than flat roofs. Also, their installation and implementation process are more cost-effective.

4. Save more energy

The roof of the building is responsible for approximately 20 – 30% of the energy loss inside the building. Pitched roofs allow natural ventilation between outdoor and indoor air and save more energy.


1. Susceptible to wind damage and repairs

In areas prone to high winds or hurricanes, upvc gable roofs are particularly vulnerable to wind and storm damage. Because the design on the top slope of the roof can absorb the wind. If this happens over time, it can cause the roof to collapse.

2. Not always practical

Installing gable roofs are not possible for all types of structures. It might not be suitable for some multi-storey buildings or more complex plans. Also, if the roof frame is not installed correctly or does not have the strength to bear the weight, the implementation of the sloped roof will have problems.

3. Need more labour and time

Gable roofs need additional fasteners and more materials to increase its resistance to wind. As a result, installing and implementing the roof requires more time and skill.

What is UPVC Material?

Gable roof

Sepidfam Varna product – colorful upvc roofing sheets

UPVC (Un-plasticized Polyvinyl chloride) is a very low-maintenance building material that is mostly used for pipes, gutters, buildings, windows, etc.

UPVC is cheaper than wood, metal, plastic and glass and is an affordable roof; because it can be easily manufactured and installed.

Manufacturers use vinyl polymers (Chlorine atoms – which are not plastic – work well with steel, foils and other alloys) to produce it. It provides optimal roof underlayment and excellent insulation to make upvc gable roofs resistant to temperature changes.

Gable roof
How useful are UPVC gable roofs?

UPVC roof coatings have the ability to implement all kinds of sloped roof coverings. Due to the high durability and strength of the upvc gables, they minimize the cost of roof maintenance.

They make anti-corrosion and anti-rust roof covering. i.e., swimming pool roofs and fish pond roofs.

UPVC construction material is very practical in coastal areas to prevent roof leakage and damp.

Being a soundproof material, makes it an ideal for noisy places such as sports hall, manufacturing factories, etc.

Which one is more effective to build: UPVC gable roofs or flat roofs?

When it comes to building the types and models of different roofs, there is really no big deal for UPVC tiles. Because you can build excellent types of gable, flat and curved roofs with them.

But when it comes to longer lifespan, Lower maintenance cost and more effective insulation, then it is highly advised to choose upvc gable roofs – If the infrastructure of your building allows you to build a sloped roof.



Where are UPVC gables most used?

When we talk about UPVC gables, we are referring to UPVC roof sheets and their types. Due to the high resistance to heat and UV rays – humidity – fire and sound, UPVC gable roofs and wall claddings are widely used in sanitary, chemical and food industrial sheds as well as cattle – poultry – fish and shrimp breeding ponds, swimming pool roofs, carports & awnings, etc.

UPVC gable roof price Vs metal roof price



Unlike colored galvanized roofs – which coloring of the sheets add to the price of the roof, upvc makes cheaper and more cost-effective gable roofs.

Besides, installing roof perlins for metal gables is more expensive than upvc roofs. Because the strength of iron is lower and has more weight. Hence purlins should be installed with a shorter distance from next ones. That is why more sheets are required to finish the metal gable roofs.

Contrary to metal roofing, upvc tiles have lighter weight, they are stronger and more flexible. Therefore, purline distances can be installed further from each other and need less upvc tiles to finish the gable roofs. Hence it can make the cost of pitched roofs cheaper.

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Gable roof

Sepidfam Varna product – UPVC industrial shed gable roof

Sepidfam Varna is the first manufacturer of uPVC roofing and wall cladding in Iran. We produce anti-corrosion and heat proof roofs and wall sheets.

UPVC gable roofs are most suitable for all types of industrial sheds, cleanrooms, cold storage, car shelters and village roofs.

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What is the best material for  roofs?

Construction material is very important when it comes to gable roofs. Pitched roofs are usually built from Asphalt shingles, Metals, Slates, Fiber Reinforced Plastic or PVC and UPVC panels. Among them, UPVC and metals can be the better options. But if you are living in hot areas – Due to high heat transfer coefficient of metal sheets – UPVC gable roof will definitely give you a longer lifespan.

Are gable roofs better than flat roofs?

Gable roofs are more stable than flat roofs in snow and heavy rains. Water drainage from a sloping roof is done quickly – while it accumulates on a flat roof. So in flat roofs in addition to creating pressure (for example, snow pressure), it leads to rotting and corrosion of the roof.

What are the main advantages of UPVC roofs?

What distinguishes uPVC pitched roofs from other types of roofs are: strong anti-corrosion features, excellent thermal insulation, waterproofing and complete sealing of the roof sheets, and its high resistance to UV rays.

Are UPVC gables cheaper than galvanized roofs?

In many cases, the price of UPVC gable roof is cheaper than metal sheets (and its modified types, i.e. galvanized sheets and color coated ones). In addition to the cheaper price, it has even modified the disadvantages of metal roofs in some items. (UPVC gables will keep your roofs cool. Unlike metal roofs, which transfer heat easily under the roof.)

What are the main types of gable roofs?

4 main types of gable roofs are: front gables, side gables, crossed gables, and Dutch gables. Among them side gables is the simplest & most common types – which has 2 sloping sides and are in the shape of a triangle.